Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Suns' Obsession 11/22/10

Watching the clouds overpass the sun/ a calm that morning dew sprinkles over daylight/ cognitive thinking for revolutions/ building a strength that the Earth couldn't hold/ inside my palms/capture a planet of green/ circular motion and motives/ we go round/ playing teether ball with the galaxy/ Neptune farthest away from being hit/ never captured/ never invaded/ unless invited inside my waters/ my planet/ he hurt me/ went for a swim/ left the river running dry/ carried back to his lions den/ she suffocates in the heat/ no water/ no wind/ no spirit/ no element/ like the last days of 2012/ the world stops/ no circulation/ last days/ last ways/ no evolution left to exist/ she breathes/ taking last breath for him/ and he steals it/ with greed and gluttony/ she is his element of lust/ little actual love in his heart/ he is a lion/ a king of pride/ where humility subsides/ is just a adjective/ no verb to build on the action/ not complete...... -#QSS

Mornings of Bliss Composed

My alarm clock woke me/ I turned & there was another body in bed w/me/ Peace/ I lay there/ Staring thru the blinds/ the Sun.
Eyes burn/ heart pounding/ legs bare/ stretched/ thigh high socks kept warm/ thru sleep/ I actually slept/ a full nite/ Peace.
Out bed/ body stretched/ turn heat off/ bathroom/ brush teeth/ #BurtsBees facial cleanse/ look in mirror/ heat turned on/POW
Moments for meditation/ peace/ found inside.
Makin u oodles of noodles/ good ole ghetto lovin food/ feedin ur energy/ Bmore taste of Old Bay/ Hot Sauce/ taste my spices/ Heat
"Snuggle Up"/ warm blanket/ snuggled up/ VS Pink/ Blue knee high socks/ boyshorts/ alone w/ the music/ r&b/ old school/ mindframe.
Abt to lay in the dark... My old & new home! Daylight comes voluntarily to me when I want my planet to orbit the sun.
Skimming lines of ur poetry/ with my eyes/ my vision sees u/ performing/ silently/ for me/ naked/ in the dark/ I hear/ u.
Layin n the music/ ur melody plays/ live like stars/ n Space/ More peace tht orbits/ the circumference of my Planet/ i didn't plan it/ hadn't planned it/ Peace.
Darkness all around me/ I close my eyes/ your shining light blinds my cornea/ more than morning sight/ I mourn in the sunset
I formed a sculpture/ in clay/ wet/ I painted ur face/ in acrylic/ watched u get settled/ inside my hands/ welcome home
Squeaks in the bed/ creaks in the floor/ old wood/ old frames/ new feet walking/ ashy/ leaving chalky traces/ out the door.
I smile/ w/out facial muscles/ just my heart/ Face sincere/ Heart happy/ Happy feelings/ free spirit/ spreading/ your joy!
The dark isn't silent/ voices around me/ whispering/ ur name/ ur alias/ ur soul/ ur love/ I Love You Too/ Peace/ sleep in it.
Tired/ pulling covers up/ hoping dreams don't turn to nightmares/ to wake & reach for an invisible soul for help/ save my soul/ PRAY/ GN
Closing my eyes/ heavy/ I read u/ light/ lifted weight/ don't worry/ drop the world/ hold my hands/ carry the galaxy/ with me. #subtweet
I'm up/ sun shining/ brighter than bright/ are u calling to me?/ #subtweet/ inside my poetry/ my heart reads u/ Ring ring/ hello! #poetry
Laying on my left/ side that looks for you/ sees you with eyes open/ hands touch with eyes closed/ roll over/ come closer/ #poetry
Can I read you into existence/ in front of me/ I'll build you with my thoughts/ sit down beside me/ come hither/
I'm not residing on any planets right now! I'm in a outer space bubble of grey matter where I don't matter, to the world. A #SpaceMartian
Laying naked. The only freedom I have away from the universe I was born to.
#TruthIs lately my mind has been tired of living so its put my body thru massive amts of pain & turmoil to be the outlet.
Don't make me feel like I'm not important, cause ima make YOU feel like you don't EXIST! #imjustsayin
The silence is getting deadly/ Venomous like the snake/ tatted on my stomach/ let it sink in til its gone/ I will be gone too #realitytweet
We dnt have the same attention span as we used 2/ Im lk a child runnin wild 4rm u/ U cnt force me 2 lay/ turn on the tv/ Cartoons!/ I'll stay.
Why can't your 9-5 just be entertaining me? Why can't I wear your heart on my sleeve?... Instead of mine! #isThatTOOSelfish
UP/ Brush my teeth/ #BurtsBees facial cleanse/ stretch it out/ wake & bake/ brush my teeth/ lay back down/ Relax/ Day Off/ #poem

The Creator

Created 10/27/2010

The essence of your spirit evolves around my soul. Orbiting the very element of my being, my heart beats within you. Captivating a life form unknown to hate, you're like the love lost created in a world of death. I carry you high, like the smoke from my incense. Lit fire to the flame, exhausting heat. Inside my womb....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

America is the Congo!

Getting the Americas off my chest!

How, during segregation & depression, it was still easier to financially & economically live life with stability? Where'd that get fucked up?
With our freedom came Greed & the fight for more Power so in turn we still suffer more because of the debts that our Presidents put us in!
America has no substance for financial growth. How can America be so wealthy but our currency is so low as regards to other countries.
Our Presidents have borrowed so much money from other countries that we are OWNED & Bought back into slaveries of different races.
It'll be another 100 yrs & 4-6 Presidents later before we are paid off. Its like paying off credit cards & college loans as a whole nation to other countries!
I really wonder why anyone thought Obama was gonna change & fix the world in a year. Election times back around & now you're all disappointed in the man.
I didn't vote for change cause shit still got worse... Who's to say America has any of the best judgment in the world.
We can only claim America as 1 continent & country in a whole w/ states! Whereas the significance of other Continents having many countries!
All we have to claim is different accents as 1 America.. English language is the easiest to learn.. Think abt how many languages Africa has as 1 continent!
We have porn & prostitution here; Imagine that being your 4 year old sister oR daughter somewhere bought in a brothel in Asia or the Congo!
How would you feel if the govt told you tht you had to sell or kill your daughter because u already had 1 & our society had 2 many females?
Would you be ok w/ an arranged marriage to a complete stranger & be forced to love & live w/ them? Because you know, divorce means you're banned from society & now you have a reputation!
You wonder why every other continent HATES America? Because we chose to fall for & commit so much ignorance tht they care less in continuing to fund it!
New outfit?.. Says MADE IN WHERE?.. Not America!!! The only thing we have is Cotton to grow for slaves in other countries to make our shit.
I know some people that couldn't even READ a voting ballot that tries to ask for change.... Now how does that illiteracy sound!
We say as a country, that we love PEACE... But all we have is two fuckin fingers to show for it! That's no Proof!

We try to fight the wars of other countries not looking at the one that we're need to fight within our own country. Wage a WAR.. Worldly Aware Rebellion.
America: The Congo!


Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just A Thought.... Gnarls Barkley inspired

Aug 10, 2010

Sitting back on this lounge chair of life.
Supposed to be relaxed but it feels more like a bed of nails.
Thin as needles and just as painful.
Though I am not bleeding, I feel like my soul is pouring out.
Moisture of tears.
Sliding down my face like water from a shower. Flowing in massive amounts, they refuse to stop like waterfalls.
I have fallen.
Not dropped to my ass but my knees have so become bloody and ashy.
There was no one to catch me.
No open arms and open hearts to gather my tears.
I'm in a great depression within myself.
Between broken spirit, swollen heart, dry eyes, restless body, aching mind.
Unable to sit still, I wonder when my time in life will slow down.
Maybe I have fallen to Earth's unimaginable timing.
Of all the space that I have, I now feel completely alone & I don't like the company.
I prefer something more like invited space where he can be encountered.
I can go on & on & on, but who cares?
I wish you were here.
Attacking this sorrow and building miniature smiles that I couldn't perform in myself.
If there was something in you that I couldn't see, maybe that secret could make some happiness for me.
Listen to my life, take my cries as calls for the surrendering fight from battle.
You be my hero, be my warrior, my savior.
Take me away and let us run far.
Off into another state, another land where we aren't known.
Start something new and take life as our own.
I want to see that for us.
A future.
Yet, right now I'm just stuck.
Living in my pain and sorrows.
Only seeing a dream with no dejavu.
Just A Thought.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Solar Eclipse***

Even when the sun drops and the Earth aligns its stars with the moon, you were still seen.

In my eyes, on my Planet.

Now you've fallen like death on Darkness Falls.

Darkened days encounter the space and take over where I held you a little bit closer.

Squeezed you a little bit tighter like the roots of flowers underneath the Earth.

Wanting to have the buds all to themselves as I did so that no one could share your beauty.

But the mixture between natural light and water makes all flowers grow.

Must have the urge to share your beautiful hues with the world!

So until night falls, the stars duties are on call.

Waiting for the Sun to set, and cross paths with the Moon.

Where his light is diminished and blackened for minutes at a time to Space and the Earth.


Like having something taken from you, just so you can see the power and message that that item had brought into your world when its not there anymore.

Then maybe you can get it back.

As minutes pass the darkness fades and your light may be shone again.

And yet again, everyone has been amazed at the vision & experience that the Moon can do to the Sun at a certain point and time that the Earth orbits.

But what had the darkness shown you?

-QueenSoulSista SpaceyM... Neptune's Pisces.

Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am not Torn!

July 28, 10

I am caught up between an Outer Place called Space;
And the life of normality that some call Earth.
This is a blissful place full of lust & love.
Easy to distinguish from a heart that knows & have experienced both in her own eyes.

I am not stuck, I am not torn.
Unlike fashion, I am not worn.
I feel renewed, reborn.

One glance & smiles fill my face with his love.
Like hugs from afar, I can still feel his presence.
Like art, he is my muse, my painting brush; my created essence.

He knows how to joke around with my heart.
A feeling that couldn't quite be expressed by words, so I endure this art.

I am never fearful of his love,
Never afraid to embrace what he has to share.
Never a price to pay. His heart is a priceless gift.
I encourage his love. His heart.

We are developed, created & adorned.
And from his heart & love. I am not worn.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010


August 7, 10

Hello Sir!
"Hello Ms!"

How are you today?
I hear love is coming your way.
"I guess so. Sometimes I don't know!"

What is knowing when feeling has more to do with what is real?

The real that escalates your equilibrium & balances you on a nonstop high.

Higher aura that carries your hues to be so vibrant & blind to others.

The other illiterates not able to see or taste the colors that love has delivered.

Someone was delivered to you & are meant to be kept; sincere & serene.

Like cyrins, she is euphoria & mystical to the point of being misinterpreted.

Not able to interpret or understand her cause because she is just, there.

If there was a "man"ual to her, maybe she would be able to be seen & read.

But why read what was made for hands to feel?

She is braille to your vision, like sign language on your hands, she spells out the linguistics that your eyes translate to your heart.


Monday, August 16, 2010

Added Stress

July 21, 10

There's a bit of added stress circulating in my mind.
Even more between work & friendships.
Family & future hearts.
Things that I don't want to deal with, but life is life.
I shouldn't be complaining because I'm just receiving my blessings, as they are. Whatever they are.
I don't know but I don't feel like having any weight added onto my shoulders.
I guess only time will tell what the future will bring.
I am hopeful & faithful.
Knowing I'm not the only one dealing with many issues at the moment but I try not to question why all the added stress seems to be centered around me.
I'm going to fly high in my prosperity when all is said and done.


Shaky Success

Told to peace a 5 line poem

July 22, 10

While I sit back & contemplate my future, I wonder who's sitting back watching me.

Thoughts that appeal to my mind & fingers in a lovers passion, like art & sex.

It is the combination between created essence & expelled excellence, I can't stop these gifts.

Presence of his sunlight illuminates the motivation of life that quakes in my nerves.

A forceful inspiration that keeps my hands shaking while I engulf his careers, as my success.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Freeflow! true story of me! "I left my heart on the steps"

I left my heart on the bottom step of the escalator.
I didn't want to take the ride up or down because I knew where it would lead me.
Back in the same spot again.
I even tried to talk to you & let you see that one part of me.
The part that cries & actually spills out my real emotions.
I sat on the phone with you twice but I don't think you heard me crying.
Walking through the mall with tears down my face but I didn't care.
I wasn't ashamed.
I just wanted to feel CARED for by your heart not your words.
Considered. Acknowledged. Read. Encouraged. Dedicated.
Even if it was only some time for you to just sit there.
Be by my side & watch me pour out my heart about nothing or something.
In front of you.
Not by phone or text.
But I had to cover my own wounds & stitch my own heart back into pieces.
None back in the same place as they fell.
I don't know how I'm still breathing.
How didn't I take my last breath last night & be the only one left to tell my story.
No one chooses to read me.
When I put one emotion in front of the other.
Like footsteps but I can't go back & retrace them when I get lost.
I only lose the feelings I once had.
I won't read anymore.
I hate being able to read into people who can't read me.
I will no longer be psychic to people & being able to know what they feel even when they don't.
Its like a story with no ending.
I read into people & constantly drop everything for them.
I go out of my way to be there for people because my mind & heart makes me.
I listen to people pour out their pity petty stories of their hearts.
Encountering them as if it were my own problems.
Carrying others stress & bullshit lives.
Though never seeing, that when Its my heart on the line.
Standing in front of that down arrow of the escalator....
No one cares to see, or attempt to catch me if I am taking that step into a downward tunnel of my own emotional downfall.
I constantly hear people say I have a crazy strength about my life that is hard to figure out......
I still sit & wonder why people attempt to want to figure me out but when I'm CLEARLY at my worst.
I call out for their help.
Just to be in my presence.
But in my eyes, it always fails.
They stray away or don't truly care enough to make time & I am once again, left, alone.
No one sees, that when I cry, is when I need someone the most.
I never cry!
When I do, I am clearly on a low that is hard for me alone to pick up.
It is an unusual test of my spirit that invites few in, to see the truth in my heart.
To see the REAL essence that a person like me has.
But everyone always misses out.
I don't want someone to claim to be worried about me.
I don't want to hear someone say that they care about me.
Why claim something?
Why say anything out of your mouth & not take ownership of your words?!
Actions speak LOUDER!
So again I cover my footsteps & move on to another chapter in my life.
As usual.

"They say a smile & tears is the most beautiful things that you can share with a person. But how much beauty is in you tears if your watered vision is the only one that sees them & you have to wipe them away, all alone?" -QSS

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Withered Waters

Eyes as red as the sea.
Either dried out from air or drowned from water.
Tears fallen.
She is displaying her emotions as they get ignored.
Thrown to fire she is burned to death like cremation.
No smoke involved.
Just throw the flames to her heart and watch her scream.
It isn't loud but I know you see her death rising.
Ashes encompass the clouds but she still invites the sun to enter.
No warmth to a cold heart of morbidity.
Discouraged and dismissed.
She is fed to the werewolves of her soul.
Eating at her emotions and licking her blood for thirst.
Not cleaning the wounds, they devour her essence.
Left with brittle bones and shattered life.
Scarred and naked for the world to see.
She cries out but the world falls to selective hearing.
Encouraged by smiles, they choose not to see her tears.
Covered ears to ignore her cries.
They walk past her broken spirit and kick it just by saying nothing.
To a broken heart that opens to all others.
She gets abandoned when it is she left to cry out.

"Cover your heart, cover your emotions. No friend is a real friend unless they can take the time out for you as you rightfully do for them." -QSS

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Psychotic visions of driving off walls, only to fall in love with you.
I would let the car crash onto the ground & not get hurt because your love would protect me.
No scraps & bruises, only slit wrists & throats from you holding my hands & caressing my neck.
I feel the tingling sensation you bring, like the ghosts of dead people trying to collect my soul.
I watch them & talk to the inside my dreams of insomnia.
Delirious insight to the words you say to me, like inspiration for death & dishonor.
I follow you.
I'd even jump off of Mt. Kilomanjaro if my schizophrenic friends told me to.
But I'd only be doing it for you, with an evil grin on my face because I have a crazy love for you.
Its not decieving because I'm only into receiving your ever deadly bullet.
I would drink my own blood & yours to keep replenishing the life of my being.
Only for you.
Some might call me obsessive, but to me, its only being a little selfish & I would leave this Earth selfless for you.
Sometimes I pull triggers from gun ranges in my bathroom mirrors.
And maybe I do pull the noose from my hanging post a tad bit tighter than most.
I like to jump, just to feel that snug strangling feeling around my neck for when your hands aren't here.
When I sleep, I enjoy tying my pillow to my face so that I slow my breathing near death to feel high in the morning.
I do these things out of the deep love I have for you, "because I know that everything in life must come to an end, & when it does, I hope that you remember me!" -MosDef


Thursday, July 29, 2010

When Pigs Fly

***Everyone eyes forward to me!
Thank you!

If we make change in our lives, it is not always inevitable. We must make time move as the clock! That is which truly inevitable, but less than what Space can say.

If time make change, where is the left over money in this world that we struggle for. No pennies left on the floor so who's billions are we fiGhting for?

Look to your hands and pull from your pocket a dollar bill, ones we didn't make so its not our blood left to spill!
But we pick up the monetary values left to call materials that don't last for a year and a half because fashions change to fads and are left to recycle for another five years to come.

Radical interchangeable Collectives.

So spending the money on millions is dumb! Knowledge holds a meaning that space exudes and exceeds an Earthlings time here on this world.

So yet again, time that was told to be inevitable is just a variable in the millions of scientists concoction of lies to keep you believing that everything is alright.
But in Reality, if time lasts forever, so does humans, but not thinking that we are supposed to die and that's where pigs, shoot us down and begin to fuckin fly! There is only Space, No time. Build an element and exceed its importance.

-Space Martian QSS. Queen.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Its Amazing!


Its amazing.
How you enter someones world & completely change their aspects on views of the world.
Like how one second, he's there, but you've walked forward & filled thoughts of me being your girl.

Its amazing how this light, fills me with warmth, & tingles my blood to splatter my veins.
Its amazing that my views have been filled too deep; with your passion & love, for expressions & freedom of laughter.
I see you, we glance, we smile.
Two artists quarrel between making laughter a recipe for progression into one anothers hearts.

Deep into your membrane I read passages of excellence, pain, strength, & trials.
You make this endeavor the journey on the path to nowhere.
Our planets where Earthlings aren't allowed, but I invite you to Neptune. To share my world of eclectic, artistic passion & happiness.
Where CARE means Creatively Assessing Realistic Expressions.
And I want to read into your core.

Amazingly Creating the Bass in depth of Love & Art.
Banging on the Canvas' drum, pressing your keys.

When I See You


When I see you, I see a vision of effervescent light that shines from Gods prayers.
Into my heart, your smile collides & corrodes the circumference of my arteries.
The way we see each other, like peeling back the Earths core to embed our love in the layers.
Burning down the walls that couldn't keep Berlin inside of Hells' slaveries.

When I see you, I want to be set free, into the arms of life where breathing isn't required.
Like drinking from the liquor of your love but there is no age limit to set standard of your love intoxication.
Taking shots to gather the numb feeling that your essence captures to my lips & blood flow, heated & fired.
Deep burning, sensual vibrations that surface through my body by one touch from your hands into my heart.

Turning on the imagery, when I see you, pictures of cherubs catching arrows to hearts & making fiction reality in our storybook of love.
Once told to the ears of open hearts that minds can't tell sight to overlook the message we share within the part.
Lessons, into chapters, into parts, into sequels, played out by art.

Say You Will


As the sun illuminates the dark, her vision becomes more clear.
There are no good landing ships on this journey back to her home land.
So clear is her mind & bright are her eyes, where sight is the shifted gear.
No glare from mirrors or flashing lights, no angels needed for a guided hand.

He is here, the savings in her piggy bank of loves.
Fighting the war that her past lovers & leavers left raging in her heart.
She is cold, freezing deep like the ice in your blood from too thin gloves.
An element that Earth did not conduct to be more than deaths worthy part.

Into her eyes, he speaks deep with his actions of expression.
Not a word said but his hands guided her closer into the lecture that his eyes read.
Deeper & deeper, she gains a feeling, once unknown, now gathered the reflection.
Views into his eyes, a soul is felt, read, & the recipe baked by words, she is fed.

Artistic Love


If I was looking into your eyes, I would make time stop so I could keep the everlasting image of life into your soul.

The real views of all possibilities made to bring truth forward. Something that Earth can't recycle because your vision is clear. Pure.

Insight to my heart from the matter in my brain says that you matter. You who are here now more than ever could speak to my watches hands.

Those touching closely to you. Rubbing expressions & emotions inside your brain through the deepness of your roots. From scalp to nerves.

The nervous system that speeds up when you are in unison with my physical & mental realm. Calling forth unrealistic verbs made attainable by two.

If I was looking into your eyes, my sight would be clearer, days made brighter as your words became my heart beats. Collectively bringing life into my soul. We become one in two rhymatic vocal bursts of artistic love.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Goal!

Thursday at 6:36pm

..... So much pain, so much suffering. Where light can't seem to oversee what demons come in the dark! No angels to guide and protect! A heart so hurt.
Fighting for reason and understand! Where is the support? Where is the love?...
On mission where she can't reach! The lessons she once taught aren't coming clear to her sight anymore! No more teach. So she heads to her sanctuary to listen to her heart preach!...
You don't know nothing! No love in front to grip her souls desire! Where does she turn to? Who?!?
Seeking self image in the mirror but the reflection is empty! Unable to find the spirit that other eyes see. She doesn't feel there....doesn't feel... Alive!
She knows what she wants but the world can not deliver it to her. So fighting beyond strength to capture what is best, breaking barriers and boundaries while swimming rivers over.
Pisces made creative to create and piece the love together no matter what is there to hold them back! Abstract and concrete, true to our word! Sacrificing experience, life & love over success & money to stack.
We are one in the same, yet different in vision we still see the forces illuminated through our sky. The realm where we excel, there isn't a gravity to keep our spirits tame!
Going out of her way, a voyage that adventure has more obstacles to build up her strength! To figure out and see what light will shine against another's heart. What will define the image of lines spread to letters and forming the piece of art.
Why be so serious? Its her hearts feelings that wants to embrace a soul! Into that spirit miles away untold. So seriously she takes her feelings and spills them out bold! If it is seen, it is captured... The Goal!

You are not my ok!

Sunday, June 13, 2010 at 10:57am

I knew who I was at the age of 3.

While others were pretending & still trying to be, something they're not, while the famous got hot!...
We grow & get accustomed to societies lashes, no batting them from bitches cause the good ones aren't the commodity.

I beg your pardon but this is your life not mine! I wasn't chose to run that way! This is my path! I am made from scratch, Not one straight line!
The mission is to make it & your deceit is not where I'll take it! Not trusting other organisms cause I can't claim they're instinct! I see the lies because the smell is so distinct! You can keep that ignorance, I won't fake it.
If my choice to take this journey and devour all obstacles, why do you down the creativity and power in my ways! Typical! A hater will always be the jealousy in your eyes! That shit you can not hide. So ima kill 2 birds, 1 stone, & throw the competitors to the devil. No running from these legs, I walk with pride in every step of my stride.
I don't see the prejudice in the mindframe of others. Stuck on being unworthy haters & not lovers. Where my heart takes me is on a different high, what is natural in my blood but you let your eyes be the covers.
No support needed from a reference irrelevant to my growth! No need to front cause the rumor was displayed to us both. You can't hide your sanity as being cool, but my insanity makes us both know the rule.
The indifference in me, makes me the higher of powers. When one looks past you because you are the norm. Extraordinary supernatural elements run through these hues like flowers. The world sees my difference and takes it, but you can't seem to shake it!
I am not your downfall, I am not your mistake! I am the mission, what the world needs to create! My food is for thought, cookies left to bake. I eat em like words & push wind to my plate.
You are not my ok! Not my backbone to build high! Not the should I see fit to cry! On and on, this cycle continues...... While you hate, my stories continue! Not breaking the silence in my actions as we absorb the earth and continue.
This space shit is the greatest shit. I take one swing at the bat cause the balls can't come to my planet! We don't keep gravity here so the mission is always a lifted one. Martians rule on a tangent so beware! The weight of this excellence is something you can't compare. I wouldn't even suggest that you prepare.
Just can't take in stride what you can't have, can't live for, can't live on!
My planet is my revival, where you can't seek survival! This isn't yours! Its ours Bitches! You can't breathe here! We don't believe you here. Space Martians aren't the aliens that you see fit! You Earthlings are the norm while our extraordinary is the hit!
Just accept what you can't have & will never be! A part of me! Elevated! You are not my ok!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

You've waited & Paid Attention! INK


This is the link to my facebook where the sleeve tattoo pictures are located!! take your chance! PEEK.....I DARE YOU!

BlackPower Media Visual Artist...ME!!

Click and check me out... Making moves... Subscribe to this site... many blessings of African American Artists and Evolutionists of all life/art forms. Power and Peace to Sister Aza.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Most of the Artwork from Art De' Vol!

Check out the album & captions. Anything that you see that you may be interested in...contact me personally so we can set something up.


bbm pin: 314A75AB

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Figure me out!

Freedom of speech, emotion, & expression.


On the body or on the canvas.

My body is my art, more than the pre-stretched canvas that the acrylic sets in.
I let the ink settle deep, not just on my surface but through the circumference of my dermis. More permanent than the epidermis......

If you dont know me, Dont persist with trying to judge this cover until you read the book.

Not one page is the same. No letter repeated.

Yes conceited, but confidence rides my bones and forever encourages me to push forward and be the difference I see myself as.

When questioned about this next tattoo... Why A Sleeve?!?!?

First of all, I am me! No questions asked, so I will do as I choose.

Second. Tattoos are my favorite display of freedom & expression of art within and on myself.

Never felt pain. Thanks to a sacred high tolerance for pain through meditation.

I have 8 tattoos, and havent really approved of letting others join in on the sight of me enduring my ink.

If you take the chance and look deep into the sleeve, you'll see deep into me and all that I stand for. All that I live for. Art.

More will be added.

One right arm is not enough. For this life of mine. Space Martian, has no time limit. Just most chances and obligations for exploration and growth... onto my whole body.

By my hands.

Ink. Figure me out!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Sex Me

Sexual tension
Elapsed time left between space and bodies
Nothing but breathing
Eyes piercing into each others souls
Blood flowing
Body heat evolving
Fighting temptation not to touch
But looking into the attraction only makes things harder
Difficult to keep focus but refusing to look away
Trying to change subject
Keep a conversation open
But more that the legs want to feel
Thoughts clouding a pure mind
Fantasies and passion for two
or three
or four
Why count?
Eyes closed.
Tingling sensations down your spine.
They touch the back of your neck.
You turn, we kiss.
Hard to pull away.
Hard to let go.
Now intertwined.
In Sexual.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scarifications on Surface

Freedom of speech, emotion, & expression.

On the body or on the canvas.

My body is my art, more than the pre-stretched canvas that the acrylic sets in.

I let the ink settle deep, not just on my surface but through the circumference of my dermis.

More permanent than the epidermis......

More people tend to judge scarifications and body modifications as sin, but from birth and early childhood years do parents pierce their childrens ears, and in other coutries are tattoos and scarifications rituals and ceremonies for youth to enter adulthood.


Understanding and openmind acceptance are things that are hard for people to do without passing judgment on decisions of others. This blog link below shows different rituals and body modifications/scarifications in other regions of the world that some percieve as taboo, and others see as acceptance in religion and ancestry.


If we havent known by history that Otzi the IceMan, King Tut and Buddha had stretched earlobes. These are figures that have progressed and gave life to our futures. Many Buddhist monks follow rituals by tattooing their bodies with ancient art that classifies their status in society. Through research shows that even mummies of pharoahs and egyptians had tattoos. Same as we do in society today.

Sometimes we need to ask questions and try to acknowledge other perceptions of why they do things in life and hear their explanations of what they do to their body and the meanings that these modifications carry. It may be so much more deeper than you could ever know by just looking and being critical.

Many critiques throughout society associate tattoos and other body modifications as taboo between gender. I dont understand this because in life, women deal with the most pain as far as childbirth. And is a known fact that most women have a higher tolerance for pain than men. Either way, I believe however you choose to depict your life and art through your body is BEAUTIFUL, and should be appreciated. Pain isnt forever, but spirit and soul is...........

So next time you see me, with my current 8 tattoos, and soon to be sleeved left or right arm. 4 ear piercings, 2 of which are currently being stretched. 1 nose piercing, and 1 navel ring. If you choose to pass judgment, just keep moving or take this...

....because I dont care to accept critiques and judgment from people who arent open to the free expression of others. This life is for Art and that is what I choose to live. My Body is my art. The moving Canvas. And I'm not stopping aanytime soon, as long as my body permits me to give it temporary pain, we will endulge in the gifts. I am in the rebellion! Drastic moves to be made. Lioness and Queen of all nature. Inner spirit and outer space.


Eat My Words

I sit and wonder... As many times as I spill my life to the world through my realisms in poetry, that my words get ignored and overlooked.

So what if, one day i choose to take my life: which may never happen because I love myself too much. Conceited and confident yes.

But anyway, If something was to ever happen to me in my future that I had prediction to and decided to write about it, those people closest to me may never know until it was too late.
I could be dead and gone and no one would really know what happened because they didnt read the context clues when I expressed them and delivered them.

This is just a reality check on life. My Life. The little bit that I feel like sharing today. Which is less than most other days.

I'm closely buiding these bridges and barriers back up because my trust has fallen in percentage. near 50% to the world. I used to enjoy a 90% upsale in loving others but I see no reason in doing so anymore.

I dont know. This is just me now and forever more. Happiness doesnt last forever but spirit does and Im not really in the giving mood to share mine.

Peace out.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

What is Mother's Day?!?

Since I was 13, I wasnt really too fond of Mother's Day. My mother passed away August 21, 2002 when i was 12 and since then, I didnt really care to celebrate for any reason.

I understand how people always say that we should still celebrate for all the other mothers in the world, but this "holiday" closely means nothing to me anymore.

I've become closeminded to this day, as I've done in the same sense that Father's day means a bunch of donkey ass to me. I havent seen or heard from my father since I was 7 yrs old. I dont even know that bastards real name, and its sad that my family doesnt either. I only share his last name. So orphan I am. Shame right? lol, maybe, maybe not.

Today it makes me a little bit more tense as well, that my sister starts a lil mommys group "Momtourage" with all her "mother" friends and I try to close my ears to it, but I get asked to help on certain things. Which I dont want to help with because I cant be included because I dont have kids, and dont want kids anytime soon. Not jealous, but would like to not hear about it. I dont know. I guess there are a million things that I dont connect with from my sisters. Of course Im the Martian of the family so I stray away from the Kids and having a family thing. Yes Im the youngest but I have just as much stuff going on as the next person.... so should I be counted out?
I dont know... back to subject. Mothers Day can be a little painful at times just thinking and watching others embraces their mothers and kids, so I feel that I shouldnt join in those festivities of life because I am without both. Yea I have(had) a grandmother, whom I dont speak to for many unGodly reasons, and yes my sisters have kids, but I constantly am out of the loop because I dont feel those joys that my Mother could bring me. I've forgotten the little bit that I once felt and hate that I was so young not to have the same memories that my sisters shared with my mother.

Im not bitter, and these arent cries for help or attention, just know that, when I dont show happiness or enthusiasm around these times, its because I seriously feel that I have no reason to. I know there are plenty of people in the world that can relate to this because we all have those losses and misfortunes that change our lives forever, but we cant carry them as burdens on ourselves. Its just the feeling that we have and cant relay by showering others with gifts, flowers and cards, when we cant shower the one woman who gave us the greatest gift we have, LIFE!

I guess these are the many reasons that I have grown to be so independent, because I feel that I've never really have a bond, or the motherly teacher to show me how life is and teach me what I should do as I was growing on. I had to learn everything practically on my own. Good and bad, those lessons in life have built me to be the strong, independent, outspoken, forthright, strong willed, artistic woman I am today. Through everything, I am still learning, without the advice children get to call and ask their mothers about, so I call to myself forthe answers I need in life. No one can make you be who you are, but there should always be someone there guiding and helping you along the way. Where is my guiding light?!?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Listen In... The Team Takeova -"We Out Chea"

If I know one thing.... Its to always remember where I was born and raised, No matter where I reside now. Life takes changes but we do what we have to, to get famous and Not be nameless. We all know Im one to always show love and support for those who love and support the art and passion of others. We are who we are, artists on this place we call Earth.... For I am still a Martian. Peace this. Music from some Bmore natives that I lend ear to! And you better click and listen, Because I said so and I love the song! -QSS

zSHARE - The Team Takeova _CR Da Show_ Sage Bravo _ Mr. Valentine_ - We Out Chea _Prod. By DK The Punisher_.mp3

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuffed symptoms


A feeling that life is in the same condition as my nasal passage.
Stuck and congested with no exit to relay the message.

Sometimes i just want to leave.
But anxiety attacks hold me so I cnt breathe.

Needing to find peace in my mind,
Space Martian having all space and no time.

I dont live for the minutes.
Just have to remove these thoughts called tenants.
If cleared, could new process be replenished.

Not a greed in stomach to feel.
No food from dinner left to seal.
Mind falling like the bananas shell or peel.

These air changes accumulate new moves or my body that are hard to explain.
New feelings I cnt seem to restrain.
This isnt the process of success I was built to maintain.
I dont know about this system I have to contain.

I am not myself.
Not that book I pick off the shelf.
Was told this stress would take my health.
But what medicine are you dispersing to help?

Stuffy symptoms correlate to the life that has overcome my brain.
From hot, humid days, to breezy nights of rain.
Dealing with mentalities in dark, isolated pain.

Theres more elements constructed to this stress.
Irritating, frustration from RLS...
Research the acronym and find out why I dont rest.

Stuffed Up.

Do you Need Me

I cant understand how I always am the one on speed dial of their lives.

Can I Get the break needed for self..... myself!

I cant hear myself over the conversing of the worlds problem!

Sometimes I just need my own peace and quiet! I need to be with Me. Myself & I.

When problems fall into others lives... I am the 911 call directed.

Behind My Eyes

What sight cant tell that my heart feels..
Never written the same words twice, is the image of true life into posts and notes.

I am a split image of my mother.. diferent from my sisters but of the same blood we are.

Not what I see in the mirror is a soul unfelt. Untouched to this earthly life that i was born to.

Sight reveals a broken spirit, open heart & trampled emotions. I am not supposed to feel... Life.

No explanation of thoughts, but unforsaken pain. Truth expressed and delivered for others to embrace, but I am not recieved.
Meaning not percieved or incorporated into their heads.

Brains not rotating the meanings I preach. Not expelled back into open ears.

Once preparing to conquer fears and take on challenges of life to perservere.... I do not see the winning contestant in front of me.

I have fallen, two feet behind the loser that beat the race for me.
Goals unaccomplished to my racing hands and mind. I have not prepared for this defeat.

Seeing the medals pass before my presence, I reach for the finish line and tumble to my knees. Laid down to my demise. I have lost. Myself.

Broken spirit, praying hands, wrapped to prayer beads... Deep prayer makes deeper thinking. Deeper thinking expells deeper feelings. Deeper feelings makes a broken heart release..


Behind My Eyes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Days like today...

Listening to Window seat.. Ms. Badu... My Earthly Idol

Words of wisdom always encounter my mind and embrace my spirit.

Following my dreams and supporting my goals are like feeding my stomach and nurturing my bodily systems.

Universal Donor Is my blood, Constant calls from Red Cross make me feel the importance of life. What one persons life can do to save more than many! Posted on my license speaks Organ Donor.

I'll give back when my life is over and done. No problem.

Badu: "I have some food for you!" "Food that you eat?" "No, food for thought!"

Just coming off the top of my head and expressing a lesson of the day.

Sittin still keeps you stagnant. Even on days off we can build and restore past misfourtunes.
Dont let your soul and success rest while your mind wanders and wonders.

How complain of no progress when you arent pushing your success... I Digress!
What are you doin for your life? or are you just living it?!? Think...

I set accomplishments to fulfill as future goals recieved. Same synonym but formed deeper to achieve the meaning. This is my life. My motivation.
Do you want to know?!? Dont guess. Just ask..... Me!

Artist of the Week... April 20, 2010


Read and comment!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Picking the Lint

As growth & age sets upon my locks.
Memories arise as the sun shines.
Almost 5 years to the evening of July 31st.
A misty night in New Orleans, I was 1-strand twisted into my element.
Felt anew life had grown around me on St. Charles.
The French Quarters embraced my life & time escaped in the events of the Junior Olympics.
I was in my youth.

Now we are grown, & that grown speaks for more than just age & time.
These years have built many lessons of strength & discipline to my soul.
A certain strength that doesnt speak for the bleached & processed of the world.
My natural makes me proud & that doesnt encourage shame of prejudice for the other crew. I can not speak for you.

5 years brings comments & compliments for the strand lines that stick out among the crowd.
There's a beauty & essence that serenades the eyes of those watching.
Free flowing, fresh twisted natural browns.
Tints more multicolored than a box of dye can produce.
I am of Earth, Moon, Wind, & the Stars.
Natural by the womb & back by rebirth.

A mission of teachings that lectures cant note. This is practice making perfect imperfections.
I am who I am because of the lessons I taught to me.
No references, just research & enforce... Life into me.
A new spirit not drained by the chemical romance.
More than just diet for my stomach, my soul gets nourished.
Nutrition & vitamin D from my sunlight.
H2O from the Earths water to pour,
into my veins & pores.

In strength & wonder, i've built my exterior to match & coincide wth my interior.
Yet from this planet, I am not.
I am the supernatural light that shine from Neptune. I am a Star, behind the Sun.

Today I sit, gathering my thoughts, length from side to side, heated in warmth. Changing colors, changing mood.
Pulling strand by strand, examing my beauty, my purpose.
Picking the Lint.

Your Birds are Chirping

If my innerpersonal life was built for the world to see, hear & read about....
I would carry a camera around with me.

There wouldnt be any surprise or hidden secrets kept to myself.
But i dont live that way.

All truths that I tell are real, but I know when to shut up & not let the world question me & be able to see certain things that arent needed to be seen.

I cant give rules to others that choose to do so in their lives.

I can never be too proud as to boast about certain things. Some good & bad need to be kept behind those closed doors where others cant see.

If you choose not to speak on your sex life, dont speak on your emotional life. Chances are, the birds will start chirping about the distance between your birdcage.