Monday, April 19, 2010

Picking the Lint

As growth & age sets upon my locks.
Memories arise as the sun shines.
Almost 5 years to the evening of July 31st.
A misty night in New Orleans, I was 1-strand twisted into my element.
Felt anew life had grown around me on St. Charles.
The French Quarters embraced my life & time escaped in the events of the Junior Olympics.
I was in my youth.

Now we are grown, & that grown speaks for more than just age & time.
These years have built many lessons of strength & discipline to my soul.
A certain strength that doesnt speak for the bleached & processed of the world.
My natural makes me proud & that doesnt encourage shame of prejudice for the other crew. I can not speak for you.

5 years brings comments & compliments for the strand lines that stick out among the crowd.
There's a beauty & essence that serenades the eyes of those watching.
Free flowing, fresh twisted natural browns.
Tints more multicolored than a box of dye can produce.
I am of Earth, Moon, Wind, & the Stars.
Natural by the womb & back by rebirth.

A mission of teachings that lectures cant note. This is practice making perfect imperfections.
I am who I am because of the lessons I taught to me.
No references, just research & enforce... Life into me.
A new spirit not drained by the chemical romance.
More than just diet for my stomach, my soul gets nourished.
Nutrition & vitamin D from my sunlight.
H2O from the Earths water to pour,
into my veins & pores.

In strength & wonder, i've built my exterior to match & coincide wth my interior.
Yet from this planet, I am not.
I am the supernatural light that shine from Neptune. I am a Star, behind the Sun.

Today I sit, gathering my thoughts, length from side to side, heated in warmth. Changing colors, changing mood.
Pulling strand by strand, examing my beauty, my purpose.
Picking the Lint.

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