Monday, October 17, 2011

No Title

My love for you is strong. Beating deeper than my heart. This is my drunken love song. With no controlled rhythms or inhibition. I see your beautiful nature as my art. You are the muse to a canvas not yet in creation. I carry your spirit with me on these adventures. Everyday we intertwine our mental souls. Growing stronger in our world without amateurs. Forming new life, our mission, our goals. Building a home of love in natural form. This is our life. Fire & water, defeating the storm. -QSS I woke up reaching for you. Mentally stretching my brain to grab you. Since I physically can't feel you, I hope this touches you. I love you.

About to write.....

Morning thoughts surface my mind of the night before. Sexual tension escalates deep in my bones. Imagining that i was in bed & he was walking through the door. This is my heart, my soul, within his home. I was about to write but the blood in my hands wouldn't pour. I got caught thinking, why is my body alone. Spirit, heart & emotions are spilled out on his floor. Left for him to pick up piece by piece. For him to recover & bring back to life. Desperate for his love to be my release. Calling him husband & I, wanting to be wife. To be the life partner & soulmate left in peace. Together we evolve this Earth. Naturally we are lifes love giving birth. I forget how to say... Words I was about to write. He takes away my breath. Gasping for air until there is nothing left. He holds me close. Closer than letters combined to prepare words. Though there are no sentences left to compose. It is his love that makes me weak. I was about to write, but theres no need to speak. Complete.