Saturday, August 7, 2010


Psychotic visions of driving off walls, only to fall in love with you.
I would let the car crash onto the ground & not get hurt because your love would protect me.
No scraps & bruises, only slit wrists & throats from you holding my hands & caressing my neck.
I feel the tingling sensation you bring, like the ghosts of dead people trying to collect my soul.
I watch them & talk to the inside my dreams of insomnia.
Delirious insight to the words you say to me, like inspiration for death & dishonor.
I follow you.
I'd even jump off of Mt. Kilomanjaro if my schizophrenic friends told me to.
But I'd only be doing it for you, with an evil grin on my face because I have a crazy love for you.
Its not decieving because I'm only into receiving your ever deadly bullet.
I would drink my own blood & yours to keep replenishing the life of my being.
Only for you.
Some might call me obsessive, but to me, its only being a little selfish & I would leave this Earth selfless for you.
Sometimes I pull triggers from gun ranges in my bathroom mirrors.
And maybe I do pull the noose from my hanging post a tad bit tighter than most.
I like to jump, just to feel that snug strangling feeling around my neck for when your hands aren't here.
When I sleep, I enjoy tying my pillow to my face so that I slow my breathing near death to feel high in the morning.
I do these things out of the deep love I have for you, "because I know that everything in life must come to an end, & when it does, I hope that you remember me!" -MosDef