Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music to my ears

06/04/11 (1:05am)

I hear the jingle jangle of your keys at the door.
Building a sensation in my bones to move.
Running to the door with my tiptoes on, like the pitter patter of children.
Mouth inhale & exhales the wind of the outside world.
Quiet storm.
Raging inside like a lion ready to roar.
On the prowl.
I am the animal, you my prey.
Listening to the shift of the lock to be undone.
I hear you breathe.
Smooth, jazzy sounds of a saxophone that your soul brings through the hinges.
I wait, I listen, I reminisce. "On the love we had"
Opening of the door brings in outside noises of today's hip hop & rap.
The ignorant joys of today's society.
I step back, disturbed, but turn to look at your body & soul of r&b, neo-soul, jazz instruments & harmonious oldies of the 60s through 80s.
Like spoken word, your feet walking towards me relay the poetry voiced over the live band of your heart.
I hear the mellow yearning tone of piano keys playing in each blink of your eyes.
A song without words that describe what each pulsating beat of your life will deliver to me.
A deep, passionate kiss.
And that.....
Is music to my ears.


Midnight Spirit

06/04/11 (1am)

Upon the stars I gaze into your heart.
A constellation of arteries that tell the stories of your soul.
Voyaging through the dark vessels of your deepest desires.
I read you.
Connecting stars as dots that pour together the blood in your veins.
Feeding into your brain that is the home of who you are.
A bomb in the night sky.
Scattering awakened eyes to meaningful dreams & empty promises across the atmosphere.
Breathing you in, I hear the songs of your existence.
Past, present & future visions read between the spaces where stars aren't aligned.
You are the spirit flute I dance to.
Over burning fire wood, I throw enchanted ash to the flames that reach your heights.
Heightened mind frames, elevated heart.
You reach back to me.
In the night.
Beyond our being.
Midnight Spirit.


No Need for High Beams


This moon is the most AMAZING tonight!!!!!! Its like one of my paintings illuminated in the night sky!
Like the first street light to turn on on your block.... This is the calling.
Time to turn to your home and engage in the night time.
This night sky.
So bright and powerful!
Just like our love.
Even darkened roads don't show signs of dimming.
No need to drive with caution.
So i follow the moon to the ends of the Earth & partner with the stars.
Only to catch up to Neptune & land on his heart.
He shines, with the Moon.
No need for high beams.