Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuffed symptoms


A feeling that life is in the same condition as my nasal passage.
Stuck and congested with no exit to relay the message.

Sometimes i just want to leave.
But anxiety attacks hold me so I cnt breathe.

Needing to find peace in my mind,
Space Martian having all space and no time.

I dont live for the minutes.
Just have to remove these thoughts called tenants.
If cleared, could new process be replenished.

Not a greed in stomach to feel.
No food from dinner left to seal.
Mind falling like the bananas shell or peel.

These air changes accumulate new moves or my body that are hard to explain.
New feelings I cnt seem to restrain.
This isnt the process of success I was built to maintain.
I dont know about this system I have to contain.

I am not myself.
Not that book I pick off the shelf.
Was told this stress would take my health.
But what medicine are you dispersing to help?

Stuffy symptoms correlate to the life that has overcome my brain.
From hot, humid days, to breezy nights of rain.
Dealing with mentalities in dark, isolated pain.

Theres more elements constructed to this stress.
Irritating, frustration from RLS...
Research the acronym and find out why I dont rest.

Stuffed Up.

Do you Need Me

I cant understand how I always am the one on speed dial of their lives.

Can I Get the break needed for self..... myself!

I cant hear myself over the conversing of the worlds problem!

Sometimes I just need my own peace and quiet! I need to be with Me. Myself & I.

When problems fall into others lives... I am the 911 call directed.

Behind My Eyes

What sight cant tell that my heart feels..
Never written the same words twice, is the image of true life into posts and notes.

I am a split image of my mother.. diferent from my sisters but of the same blood we are.

Not what I see in the mirror is a soul unfelt. Untouched to this earthly life that i was born to.

Sight reveals a broken spirit, open heart & trampled emotions. I am not supposed to feel... Life.

No explanation of thoughts, but unforsaken pain. Truth expressed and delivered for others to embrace, but I am not recieved.
Meaning not percieved or incorporated into their heads.

Brains not rotating the meanings I preach. Not expelled back into open ears.

Once preparing to conquer fears and take on challenges of life to perservere.... I do not see the winning contestant in front of me.

I have fallen, two feet behind the loser that beat the race for me.
Goals unaccomplished to my racing hands and mind. I have not prepared for this defeat.

Seeing the medals pass before my presence, I reach for the finish line and tumble to my knees. Laid down to my demise. I have lost. Myself.

Broken spirit, praying hands, wrapped to prayer beads... Deep prayer makes deeper thinking. Deeper thinking expells deeper feelings. Deeper feelings makes a broken heart release..


Behind My Eyes.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Days like today...

Listening to Window seat.. Ms. Badu... My Earthly Idol

Words of wisdom always encounter my mind and embrace my spirit.

Following my dreams and supporting my goals are like feeding my stomach and nurturing my bodily systems.

Universal Donor Is my blood, Constant calls from Red Cross make me feel the importance of life. What one persons life can do to save more than many! Posted on my license speaks Organ Donor.

I'll give back when my life is over and done. No problem.

Badu: "I have some food for you!" "Food that you eat?" "No, food for thought!"

Just coming off the top of my head and expressing a lesson of the day.

Sittin still keeps you stagnant. Even on days off we can build and restore past misfourtunes.
Dont let your soul and success rest while your mind wanders and wonders.

How complain of no progress when you arent pushing your success... I Digress!
What are you doin for your life? or are you just living it?!? Think...

I set accomplishments to fulfill as future goals recieved. Same synonym but formed deeper to achieve the meaning. This is my life. My motivation.
Do you want to know?!? Dont guess. Just ask..... Me!

Artist of the Week... April 20, 2010

Read and comment!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Picking the Lint

As growth & age sets upon my locks.
Memories arise as the sun shines.
Almost 5 years to the evening of July 31st.
A misty night in New Orleans, I was 1-strand twisted into my element.
Felt anew life had grown around me on St. Charles.
The French Quarters embraced my life & time escaped in the events of the Junior Olympics.
I was in my youth.

Now we are grown, & that grown speaks for more than just age & time.
These years have built many lessons of strength & discipline to my soul.
A certain strength that doesnt speak for the bleached & processed of the world.
My natural makes me proud & that doesnt encourage shame of prejudice for the other crew. I can not speak for you.

5 years brings comments & compliments for the strand lines that stick out among the crowd.
There's a beauty & essence that serenades the eyes of those watching.
Free flowing, fresh twisted natural browns.
Tints more multicolored than a box of dye can produce.
I am of Earth, Moon, Wind, & the Stars.
Natural by the womb & back by rebirth.

A mission of teachings that lectures cant note. This is practice making perfect imperfections.
I am who I am because of the lessons I taught to me.
No references, just research & enforce... Life into me.
A new spirit not drained by the chemical romance.
More than just diet for my stomach, my soul gets nourished.
Nutrition & vitamin D from my sunlight.
H2O from the Earths water to pour,
into my veins & pores.

In strength & wonder, i've built my exterior to match & coincide wth my interior.
Yet from this planet, I am not.
I am the supernatural light that shine from Neptune. I am a Star, behind the Sun.

Today I sit, gathering my thoughts, length from side to side, heated in warmth. Changing colors, changing mood.
Pulling strand by strand, examing my beauty, my purpose.
Picking the Lint.

Your Birds are Chirping

If my innerpersonal life was built for the world to see, hear & read about....
I would carry a camera around with me.

There wouldnt be any surprise or hidden secrets kept to myself.
But i dont live that way.

All truths that I tell are real, but I know when to shut up & not let the world question me & be able to see certain things that arent needed to be seen.

I cant give rules to others that choose to do so in their lives.

I can never be too proud as to boast about certain things. Some good & bad need to be kept behind those closed doors where others cant see.

If you choose not to speak on your sex life, dont speak on your emotional life. Chances are, the birds will start chirping about the distance between your birdcage.

Truth Speak.....Date unknown

I leave understanding to every time I scratch my head, my brain wants to be felt; to be heard.

Sometimes I choose not to talk because words seem to get forgotten in the selective ears.
I understand what faults hold but I wont always says its mine and I don't choose to blame you.

No typing as I stay secluded but still try to catch my words as my mind spills them out.
If only my hands were fast enough.
I'm leaving some misunderstood feelings at the doorstep because he says he doesn't know anymore.
Letting his expression feed all over the Internet for the Blue Birds call.
I hold to the sun and watch my locks transform the golds, orange, and browns of my roots to tip.
Glasses off. No money, no phone, no ID, just me. Pencils paper and sketchpad to relay anything I feel.
I dont know what time it is but the weather reports sunshine and breeze of between 65-72 degrees.
Trying to get away, not for escape but for reasoning.
I need the thoughts to roll in but Im stuck on this foundation of landscape.
He feels silence surrounds this morning because he started off negatively from the night before.
Our differences are breaking us. Im not communicating to the world of whats wrong in my relationship because its not the worlds business.
What he feels is TOO important, is not really that important to me. Neither of our ways are going to work at once.
How do we fix it?
The things he thinks about are like shockwaves to me because I dont think so deeply about them.
No one ever really agrees on everything in life, and definitely not in relationships.
If I feel one way, just let me feel that way, and you feel your way.
I dont always have to speak on things being WRONG because I've grown dealing with so much, that silence helps me erase the drama.
Never saying that I dont care but sometimes shouldnt matter as much as people make them out to be...So BIG of a deal.

Forgetting the Expression

Sometimes we forget our meaning.

Meanings of life & why we are here.

Here to love & live in the moments that is given to us.

Moments that carry trials & tribulations that could sometimes mean error in our ways.

Errors dont always mean wrong & wrong doesnt always have to be fixed.

If trying to fix everything were possible then we would be in a perfect world.

This world wasnt made to be perfect. We arent perfect beings. Born by sin.

If forgiven for our sins, we are made whole again.

I'd rather be broken.

Left shattered & unfixed, imperfect & not proper.

Not a proper human to leave judgment on someone else & forget the own blame of yourself.

What's fair is fair, or left unfair, but dont leave the blame to the world if you cant learn to be the cause.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UMOJA!! Africa United

Where are you???

All days in life cycle back to the days where our roots were laid.

A mission to keep our Unity, Youth, Love and history at peace.

This Piece was the thoughts of My Brother. In memory of Africa United, Bob Marleys song and concert. This light is the power for which we hold our strength and keep close to our Roots.

We can not forget where we come from and where we have come to. Never forgetting the struggles of our ancestors and those who have helped us get to where we are. Recieving our blessings of life, light, hope, peace, love and unity.

The hands that grabbed the tree, that was rooted for our Earth. Our home. Peace. UMOJA!

"I don't stand for the black mans side; I don't stand for the white mans side. I stand for God's side." -Bob Marley.

UMOJA!!! Africa United... 20x24"- For Sale $200

Bipolar Ambiguity

In life... there are no excuses.... Especially for our actions and attitudes.
How we percieve ourselves should not be obtained by the way we act.
All actions are the reflections of our livelihood, But why let those actions be a final verdict of how people see and judge us.
We cant always throw out excuses for why we feel a certain way and why we do things. Sometimes it doesnt matter because people dont really care.
In life we just need to accept the fact that we are who we are as human beings and shit happens.
We cant change the way we've been taught and grew up, but we dont have to let those past lessons be the underly factor for who we grow up and mature to be.
Quit Making excuses and accept your life as it is. We all have more than one personality. Be who you are. Its OK.
"Bipolar Ambiguity"- 18x24" For Sale $120

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was beyond a battle between my mind and my heart. No clear vision or alignment! A voyage that wasnt setting sail towards the horizon. A mission built some peace in relation of speaking knowledge to my Brother Star. Many quotations gathered reasoning and acknowledgement for teachings built within oneself. If life were a bowl of sand, which grain do you piece to life to make different be your difference amongst the rest?!?

Brother's Peace:
  • "All things in life are given to us by a Higher power. Our gifts and missions set on Earth for us are blessings."
  • Sometimes a walk outside can change your outlook on life.
  • "My mind hasnt completely been there. Just have to breathe in this air and exhale life."
  • "I remember as a child, looking out the window, and saying something I spoke to God. Yet till this day, I cant remember what i said but I still have revelations from God telling me that whatever I am set here for, will be done & those things that I said, will be lived."
My Self taught peace:
  • " If you can discipline your diet, you can completely discipline most things in your life!"
  • " Sometimes we have to get out to find ourselves."
  • " When people ask me what I wanted to be as a child, I always said i wanted to be a doctor. Finally til this day, I understand what being a doctor means. It doesnt have to be a actually doctor, but someone that is a healer. A mentor and teacher that helps and heals minds and souls. I never even wanted to go to medical school or even get a license of that sort, but a doctor to me simply means "healing the world".
  • " I am a doctor of all sorts. Without touching hands, my hands touch hearts."
  • " Everyday we have to make missions to improve ourselves."
  • Complicated work makes for a complicated attitude! BE COOL!