Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today was beyond a battle between my mind and my heart. No clear vision or alignment! A voyage that wasnt setting sail towards the horizon. A mission built some peace in relation of speaking knowledge to my Brother Star. Many quotations gathered reasoning and acknowledgement for teachings built within oneself. If life were a bowl of sand, which grain do you piece to life to make different be your difference amongst the rest?!?

Brother's Peace:
  • "All things in life are given to us by a Higher power. Our gifts and missions set on Earth for us are blessings."
  • Sometimes a walk outside can change your outlook on life.
  • "My mind hasnt completely been there. Just have to breathe in this air and exhale life."
  • "I remember as a child, looking out the window, and saying something I spoke to God. Yet till this day, I cant remember what i said but I still have revelations from God telling me that whatever I am set here for, will be done & those things that I said, will be lived."
My Self taught peace:
  • " If you can discipline your diet, you can completely discipline most things in your life!"
  • " Sometimes we have to get out to find ourselves."
  • " When people ask me what I wanted to be as a child, I always said i wanted to be a doctor. Finally til this day, I understand what being a doctor means. It doesnt have to be a actually doctor, but someone that is a healer. A mentor and teacher that helps and heals minds and souls. I never even wanted to go to medical school or even get a license of that sort, but a doctor to me simply means "healing the world".
  • " I am a doctor of all sorts. Without touching hands, my hands touch hearts."
  • " Everyday we have to make missions to improve ourselves."
  • Complicated work makes for a complicated attitude! BE COOL!

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