Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Are you FLAWED?!?!?!?

Had a great question from a very dear friend of mine today!! Discussion brought upon great thoughts and life options to think about!

Vanna' Shanee **Question: What physical flaws can u overlook when finding ur mate, or even in ur current mate??? seriously**

QSS: But all flaws should be able to be overlooked if you want some1 in your life.

Vanna' Shanee: amen sis... but u know the flesh dnt feel that!

QSS: tru, but those who feel that way and look at life in that manner are the same ones hoein around and aren't happy with life because they only see what's on the outside and all inside factors are overthrown! If people can't understand that all true beauty is built from within your soul and spirit, and they are selfishly portraying greed within themselves. You can be the most beautiful person on the outside but have the most disgusting, disrespectful, ill-mannered personality! Now does that make you beautiful? No! A pretty/handsome face doesn't make up for ugly personalities!

Vanna' Shanee: U hit that right on the nose sis... It's like man has cum so accustomed to what society says is beautiful that they turn around from what truly matters. If a person has an ugly soul how can they ever be beautiful, cute, etc? Everything that looks good aint good for u. Then to have that outlook on someone else when there's probably someone out there that feels the same about u. Judge people by whats inside and not outside!

My Own Interpretations:
Love in life is about accepting everything that comes your way and appreciating its gifts! If there are certain things that you feel judgmental about your spouse or certain things in your relationship, than you need to ask yourself if your love and relationship is worth your time! Point that its simple and exact. If any person really wants a successful and happy, healthy relationship, they have to do what is best for their mind and heart, not focusing on things that are appealing to sight and touch. People dont understand that looks dont last forever and that a true love, lasts deep in the heart. That is something that cant be taken away. All is all, flaws, criticism, judgments are only words in sight that can deplete the confidence, integrity and respect between two people in a relationship.

"All love lasts a lifetime when the heart is open and eyes are closed!"

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