Wednesday, April 14, 2010

UMOJA!! Africa United

Where are you???

All days in life cycle back to the days where our roots were laid.

A mission to keep our Unity, Youth, Love and history at peace.

This Piece was the thoughts of My Brother. In memory of Africa United, Bob Marleys song and concert. This light is the power for which we hold our strength and keep close to our Roots.

We can not forget where we come from and where we have come to. Never forgetting the struggles of our ancestors and those who have helped us get to where we are. Recieving our blessings of life, light, hope, peace, love and unity.

The hands that grabbed the tree, that was rooted for our Earth. Our home. Peace. UMOJA!

"I don't stand for the black mans side; I don't stand for the white mans side. I stand for God's side." -Bob Marley.

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Bipolar Ambiguity

In life... there are no excuses.... Especially for our actions and attitudes.
How we percieve ourselves should not be obtained by the way we act.
All actions are the reflections of our livelihood, But why let those actions be a final verdict of how people see and judge us.
We cant always throw out excuses for why we feel a certain way and why we do things. Sometimes it doesnt matter because people dont really care.
In life we just need to accept the fact that we are who we are as human beings and shit happens.
We cant change the way we've been taught and grew up, but we dont have to let those past lessons be the underly factor for who we grow up and mature to be.
Quit Making excuses and accept your life as it is. We all have more than one personality. Be who you are. Its OK.
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