Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Scarifications on Surface

Freedom of speech, emotion, & expression.

On the body or on the canvas.

My body is my art, more than the pre-stretched canvas that the acrylic sets in.

I let the ink settle deep, not just on my surface but through the circumference of my dermis.

More permanent than the epidermis......

More people tend to judge scarifications and body modifications as sin, but from birth and early childhood years do parents pierce their childrens ears, and in other coutries are tattoos and scarifications rituals and ceremonies for youth to enter adulthood.

Understanding and openmind acceptance are things that are hard for people to do without passing judgment on decisions of others. This blog link below shows different rituals and body modifications/scarifications in other regions of the world that some percieve as taboo, and others see as acceptance in religion and ancestry.

If we havent known by history that Otzi the IceMan, King Tut and Buddha had stretched earlobes. These are figures that have progressed and gave life to our futures. Many Buddhist monks follow rituals by tattooing their bodies with ancient art that classifies their status in society. Through research shows that even mummies of pharoahs and egyptians had tattoos. Same as we do in society today.

Sometimes we need to ask questions and try to acknowledge other perceptions of why they do things in life and hear their explanations of what they do to their body and the meanings that these modifications carry. It may be so much more deeper than you could ever know by just looking and being critical.

Many critiques throughout society associate tattoos and other body modifications as taboo between gender. I dont understand this because in life, women deal with the most pain as far as childbirth. And is a known fact that most women have a higher tolerance for pain than men. Either way, I believe however you choose to depict your life and art through your body is BEAUTIFUL, and should be appreciated. Pain isnt forever, but spirit and soul is...........

So next time you see me, with my current 8 tattoos, and soon to be sleeved left or right arm. 4 ear piercings, 2 of which are currently being stretched. 1 nose piercing, and 1 navel ring. If you choose to pass judgment, just keep moving or take this...

....because I dont care to accept critiques and judgment from people who arent open to the free expression of others. This life is for Art and that is what I choose to live. My Body is my art. The moving Canvas. And I'm not stopping aanytime soon, as long as my body permits me to give it temporary pain, we will endulge in the gifts. I am in the rebellion! Drastic moves to be made. Lioness and Queen of all nature. Inner spirit and outer space.


Eat My Words

I sit and wonder... As many times as I spill my life to the world through my realisms in poetry, that my words get ignored and overlooked.

So what if, one day i choose to take my life: which may never happen because I love myself too much. Conceited and confident yes.

But anyway, If something was to ever happen to me in my future that I had prediction to and decided to write about it, those people closest to me may never know until it was too late.
I could be dead and gone and no one would really know what happened because they didnt read the context clues when I expressed them and delivered them.

This is just a reality check on life. My Life. The little bit that I feel like sharing today. Which is less than most other days.

I'm closely buiding these bridges and barriers back up because my trust has fallen in percentage. near 50% to the world. I used to enjoy a 90% upsale in loving others but I see no reason in doing so anymore.

I dont know. This is just me now and forever more. Happiness doesnt last forever but spirit does and Im not really in the giving mood to share mine.

Peace out.