Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Eat My Words

I sit and wonder... As many times as I spill my life to the world through my realisms in poetry, that my words get ignored and overlooked.

So what if, one day i choose to take my life: which may never happen because I love myself too much. Conceited and confident yes.

But anyway, If something was to ever happen to me in my future that I had prediction to and decided to write about it, those people closest to me may never know until it was too late.
I could be dead and gone and no one would really know what happened because they didnt read the context clues when I expressed them and delivered them.

This is just a reality check on life. My Life. The little bit that I feel like sharing today. Which is less than most other days.

I'm closely buiding these bridges and barriers back up because my trust has fallen in percentage. near 50% to the world. I used to enjoy a 90% upsale in loving others but I see no reason in doing so anymore.

I dont know. This is just me now and forever more. Happiness doesnt last forever but spirit does and Im not really in the giving mood to share mine.

Peace out.

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