Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here's to you!!


Here's to you kid!

Here's to you, embryo of the drunken mother & smoked out father.

Here's to you, seed conceived in this world left ignorant to its gifts.

Here's to you, for being birthed to begin life as a slave to Earth.
Not even born yet but just know, you will be in this struggle.

Here's to you, growing stronger & weaker in your survival tunnel of a bruised & beaten mother of domestic violence.

Here's to your 5 fingers & 5 toes on each hand & foot, like the older siblings not taught how to write.

Here's to your developing brain & the father who dropped out to bang in the streets & sell cocaine.

Here's to you, your eyes; may they get to see the light of day.
In the darkness of your mothers womb.
A hostage to her heart & his fist.

Here's to you, not knowing how to pray but there are angels for you.
Protecting you against your life.
Born into a world of ignorance.
Some call it hell.

So here's to you kid,
May you bring a new justice & understanding to the life that came before your time.

Before you were even born.



Always Kiss Me Goodnight


Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the shattered glass of our dreams collapse to the floor.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the world decides to take advantage of the love we offer.

Kiss me....... Secure & tight.
Hold me........ Secure & tight.

Remember to always kiss me goodnight.
Before time calls us to oldened age.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Like the last blow of the heavyweight fight.
Every night.
Boxers in the Ring of Love,
We fight.

Never serious, just playmates in the sheets. We retreat.

Before sliding into space of our dreams.. The words of love always redeem.

Always kiss me goodnight.


i love you



The one I love :-)

Yep, deep down in my heart.
I've fallen into a trap.

Love Spells Of Time.

Just You.

Heart, mind, body & soul,
I have your spirit.

I look, I listen, I feel, I crave, I miss........ YOU!