Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Stuffed symptoms


A feeling that life is in the same condition as my nasal passage.
Stuck and congested with no exit to relay the message.

Sometimes i just want to leave.
But anxiety attacks hold me so I cnt breathe.

Needing to find peace in my mind,
Space Martian having all space and no time.

I dont live for the minutes.
Just have to remove these thoughts called tenants.
If cleared, could new process be replenished.

Not a greed in stomach to feel.
No food from dinner left to seal.
Mind falling like the bananas shell or peel.

These air changes accumulate new moves or my body that are hard to explain.
New feelings I cnt seem to restrain.
This isnt the process of success I was built to maintain.
I dont know about this system I have to contain.

I am not myself.
Not that book I pick off the shelf.
Was told this stress would take my health.
But what medicine are you dispersing to help?

Stuffy symptoms correlate to the life that has overcome my brain.
From hot, humid days, to breezy nights of rain.
Dealing with mentalities in dark, isolated pain.

Theres more elements constructed to this stress.
Irritating, frustration from RLS...
Research the acronym and find out why I dont rest.

Stuffed Up.

Do you Need Me

I cant understand how I always am the one on speed dial of their lives.

Can I Get the break needed for self..... myself!

I cant hear myself over the conversing of the worlds problem!

Sometimes I just need my own peace and quiet! I need to be with Me. Myself & I.

When problems fall into others lives... I am the 911 call directed.

Behind My Eyes

What sight cant tell that my heart feels..
Never written the same words twice, is the image of true life into posts and notes.

I am a split image of my mother.. diferent from my sisters but of the same blood we are.

Not what I see in the mirror is a soul unfelt. Untouched to this earthly life that i was born to.

Sight reveals a broken spirit, open heart & trampled emotions. I am not supposed to feel... Life.

No explanation of thoughts, but unforsaken pain. Truth expressed and delivered for others to embrace, but I am not recieved.
Meaning not percieved or incorporated into their heads.

Brains not rotating the meanings I preach. Not expelled back into open ears.

Once preparing to conquer fears and take on challenges of life to perservere.... I do not see the winning contestant in front of me.

I have fallen, two feet behind the loser that beat the race for me.
Goals unaccomplished to my racing hands and mind. I have not prepared for this defeat.

Seeing the medals pass before my presence, I reach for the finish line and tumble to my knees. Laid down to my demise. I have lost. Myself.

Broken spirit, praying hands, wrapped to prayer beads... Deep prayer makes deeper thinking. Deeper thinking expells deeper feelings. Deeper feelings makes a broken heart release..


Behind My Eyes.