Thursday, March 25, 2010

All loving/ All embracing

Never Lonely/ In a world of a billion hearts/ One was spotted

Delivered and shipped to my doorstep/ Voices hear soft words

Ears listen as Lauryn Hill recites I Just Want You Around

MTV Unplugged type ish/ Melodic expressions/ The strumming of guitars/

Rhythm competes with the hearts beat/ And the winner is?...

The embracing heart that accepts all/ everything that is unperfect/ unfixed/

Unexplained by dictionary/ just real/ all realized

An extraordinary being/ One of the few that has been taken for granted

That one willing to give and forgive/ All flaws appreciated

What isn't perfect will never be/ not asked to change/ not judged

Always deceived is the heart that is of all truth/ All Essence/ all original purity

An elegance unseen by eyes that won't want a real/ absolute/ effervescent/ Real person

Woman or Man/ there are some left/ Some that appreciate/ accept/ embrace/ give back/ forgive/ realize/ and want to have something worth having...

In love/ life/ family/ relationship/ work/ and success for a future!

All loving/ all embracing.