Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Style Me......

Let me define individual style....I dont see the lights that we call fashion as a means for attention. My sense of style is only for me. I dress the way I feel. Others dress to be seen. People wear certain things and labels as a means to fit in society & to be accepted by their peers.
You shouldnt have to dress a certain way to be accepted. If people dont like you because of your clothes, then you dont need to surround yourself with those people. I have a spiritual freedom to the way I express myself. I am the voice that no one can speak for. Walking in my own shoes.
As a visual artist & seamstress having a fashion design & merchandising major in college. I can appreciate the aesthetic of apparel more than the normal shopper. The term fashionista sits with me, BUT..... I am more of a collector of natural, authentic vintage apparel. Antiques always give me a sense of purity by witnessing fashions from the 50s & 60s. The textiles were stronger and more luxuriously fit. Garments were manufactured better items werent rushed through mass production factories. I am more of the Natural hippie chic, unisexed business casual, urban, galactic goddess inside her own realm. Very different & extremely eclectic. Never caring what anyone things.
Shoes & undergarments.... My main accessories in life. I'd rather live my life naked in my natural, beautiful skin..... But we all know that is not possible, maybe. Anyway, I can honestly say my fetish is for shoes. I will buy 3 pair of shoes before I even think about buying clothes to wear with the shoes. I always saw it harder to buy clothes, then have trouble finding shoes to match. I see it happen too much. I have a thing for having what no one has, & recreating items with my art.
Victoria's Secret, Chuck Taylors, high heels & alot of vintage no names.... Loafers, silk high-waist briefs (granny ps), thigh high socks, neckties, suspenders, cords, corset bustiers & bras, cardigans, retro eyeglasses, mens blazers, high waist pants, equestrian boots, button up shirts & vintage or organic cotton retro tshirts & skirts. Though im more of a black colored woman when it comes to a color palette for my wardrobe, there is always a natural toned accessory or piece that accompanies & compliments the dark tone. Blacks, greys, whites & blues. Anything with great textile & design aesthetic, strong fabric quality.
Artistic value has alot to do with what I choose to buy and wear on my body when it comes to apparel. My clothes define parts of who I am as a person because I let my clothes speak for me. My personality is strong because im not afraid to challenge the norm and create my own box. Disregarding what society has to say about me. Compliments come from confidence and the way you carry yourself in what you wear. If the clothes dont fit or feel right, then I dont feel right. And its not very often that I dont feel right. Love what you wear & wear what you look. Whether your clothed or not. Accept your gifts & be confident in you. -QueenSoulSista

Monday, October 17, 2011

No Title

My love for you is strong. Beating deeper than my heart. This is my drunken love song. With no controlled rhythms or inhibition. I see your beautiful nature as my art. You are the muse to a canvas not yet in creation. I carry your spirit with me on these adventures. Everyday we intertwine our mental souls. Growing stronger in our world without amateurs. Forming new life, our mission, our goals. Building a home of love in natural form. This is our life. Fire & water, defeating the storm. -QSS I woke up reaching for you. Mentally stretching my brain to grab you. Since I physically can't feel you, I hope this touches you. I love you.

About to write.....

Morning thoughts surface my mind of the night before. Sexual tension escalates deep in my bones. Imagining that i was in bed & he was walking through the door. This is my heart, my soul, within his home. I was about to write but the blood in my hands wouldn't pour. I got caught thinking, why is my body alone. Spirit, heart & emotions are spilled out on his floor. Left for him to pick up piece by piece. For him to recover & bring back to life. Desperate for his love to be my release. Calling him husband & I, wanting to be wife. To be the life partner & soulmate left in peace. Together we evolve this Earth. Naturally we are lifes love giving birth. I forget how to say... Words I was about to write. He takes away my breath. Gasping for air until there is nothing left. He holds me close. Closer than letters combined to prepare words. Though there are no sentences left to compose. It is his love that makes me weak. I was about to write, but theres no need to speak. Complete.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Love excels......

I believe that love is above the highest creation that we can encounter as living beings & organisms on this Universe. Whether it be Supernatural, spiritual, atypical, emotional, of the moment, sympathetic, fantasy, realistic, morbid, abstract, eccentric, religious or superficial...

There is no other emotion that translates greater than love!


Thursday, September 8, 2011


09/07/2011 11:15am

I've always saw you at the bar of my imagination.
Tending to the outgoing customers of my dreams.
Pouring shots of love into glasses covered with sugary, sweet kisses.

Dressed to impress had been the plan, displayed with full preparation.
Engaged in first sight, holding back screams.
Having visions of touch come true, defeating previous mirages.

What I feel, can now be seen.
What was dreamt, has been brought to life.
When once, closing eyes meant touching the future of a life not lived.
We surpass the goals of moments imagined to spend with each other.

A freed feeling of being high amongst the clouds of an inhaled adventure.
Trips are taken to explore the realms of a future world.
A futuristic life of 2.

Sharing the emotions of "high on life" bonds chemically fulfilled within them.
It is a Natural Love substance that intoxicates every emotion.
Holding the handcuffs with narcotics I can't claim innocence from.

There is indeed a world of the unknown.
Unaware of the power within two spirits, the dosages we intake have created a love bound spell.
Potions of an undying love forming together as one heart with timeless beats.

We are chosen, have chose the poisons that intertwine as the powerful test of ecstatic, emotional effervescence.
We engulf ourselves in our own Romeo & Juliet drug of never ending love.
Where deep passion lies within the kisses that are breathtaking.

We take each others minds & inject pieces of our souls to form the missing parts of previous life.

Preparing the weak, tingling feelings of what penetrating beyond the skin can do.
Becoming addicted to the intervention services of a hearts' truest form of dependency.

We share, life's last impressions of what futures hold,
Without rehab.
Beyond the hallucinations of the dying world.


Thursday, July 28, 2011

The First Time


Riding on the long road of anticipation.
These train tracks define minutes to hours left before I reach you.
A bumpy feeling jumps on my body,
Same as the beats in my heart.
But I am dreaming.
Floating above the Earth are the butterflies in my stomach.
This high, nostalgic presence takes me over.
A window seat passenger on the plane to your heart.
Carrying a round trip ticket of love,
Wanting a one way exchange for your heart.
Watching the big hand take charge,
The little hand falls behind every hour.
Time seems to be moving backwards & stumbling over seconds before I reach you.
This meeting is so presidential to me,
More than greeting Obama because you are my Commander in Chief.
And the National Defense of your heart resides with the Prime Minister.... Me.
A King & Queen of sorts.
We gamble with Diamonds as collateral in late night Clubs with the best Spades of the trade to win each others Hearts.
After years of greetings & salutations,
We bought our own share of Hallmark.
But finally the words on card stock could not be seen anymore.
I feel the braille on your lips & read my way to your thoughts.
The journey has stopped & my feet are touching ground.
Heart racing to the bold white line,
where 1st place is the warmth of your touch.
Daily practices of charging laps around the world,
Just to get to the biggest event of the year.
Olympics of our lives together.
Running past the byways & lanes of people following their own destinations.
I must meet my goal to reach you.
Through those exits I can finally see you.
I am stuck.
And my heart stops.
This is,
The first time.


Looking At This Cloud PT. 1 & 2


Upon the skies. These shades of soft blues create bolder hues in my mind! Between white feathered clouds and faded yellows, sets the mood for a calm sunset. Big beautiful magnolia trees create a reflection in the sky. Different directions of the earth and there's a whole different stage to the world above us. Like Gods' flashlight still enforcing a ray of hope down to his children. His gift to give us sight to breathe in his air among the wind. I see blue ripples like dyed fingerwaves of Mother Nature. Scattered clouds filled with precipitation & life............... Tbc......


Sitting outside. Watching the clouds on this front porch of life. Wooden to the core, like the nature of my roots. I'm trying to find peace. I close my eyes and take in this joy. Sounds of birds chirping in trees, reminds me of laughter when children are being tickled by their parents. A playful essence of what wildlife can bring. Huge trees embrace the land as protectors of the world. It is the Earth that carries me while I'm here. Crickets rubbing legs together like the chatter of old women gossiping at brunch. They hold the stories of our ancestors, unforgettable and outspoken. Gaze beyond the distance into space, into another dimension. But it is the clouds that stop me. They appear as barriers so that I can not peek past this atmosphere. This life rings music to my ears. Only the blues, the sound of the clouds. Different shapes hold different tones and melodies to distract me. I can't read the music, but I can see it, can hear it, but can't feel it. Though as I look at the white pillows laid sporadically between the blues in effervescence, I dream of tasting the moisture inside their bodies. They are the waters best element. A beautiful process of condensation in the stratosphere. I have no fear.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music to my ears

06/04/11 (1:05am)

I hear the jingle jangle of your keys at the door.
Building a sensation in my bones to move.
Running to the door with my tiptoes on, like the pitter patter of children.
Mouth inhale & exhales the wind of the outside world.
Quiet storm.
Raging inside like a lion ready to roar.
On the prowl.
I am the animal, you my prey.
Listening to the shift of the lock to be undone.
I hear you breathe.
Smooth, jazzy sounds of a saxophone that your soul brings through the hinges.
I wait, I listen, I reminisce. "On the love we had"
Opening of the door brings in outside noises of today's hip hop & rap.
The ignorant joys of today's society.
I step back, disturbed, but turn to look at your body & soul of r&b, neo-soul, jazz instruments & harmonious oldies of the 60s through 80s.
Like spoken word, your feet walking towards me relay the poetry voiced over the live band of your heart.
I hear the mellow yearning tone of piano keys playing in each blink of your eyes.
A song without words that describe what each pulsating beat of your life will deliver to me.
A deep, passionate kiss.
And that.....
Is music to my ears.


Midnight Spirit

06/04/11 (1am)

Upon the stars I gaze into your heart.
A constellation of arteries that tell the stories of your soul.
Voyaging through the dark vessels of your deepest desires.
I read you.
Connecting stars as dots that pour together the blood in your veins.
Feeding into your brain that is the home of who you are.
A bomb in the night sky.
Scattering awakened eyes to meaningful dreams & empty promises across the atmosphere.
Breathing you in, I hear the songs of your existence.
Past, present & future visions read between the spaces where stars aren't aligned.
You are the spirit flute I dance to.
Over burning fire wood, I throw enchanted ash to the flames that reach your heights.
Heightened mind frames, elevated heart.
You reach back to me.
In the night.
Beyond our being.
Midnight Spirit.


No Need for High Beams


This moon is the most AMAZING tonight!!!!!! Its like one of my paintings illuminated in the night sky!
Like the first street light to turn on on your block.... This is the calling.
Time to turn to your home and engage in the night time.
This night sky.
So bright and powerful!
Just like our love.
Even darkened roads don't show signs of dimming.
No need to drive with caution.
So i follow the moon to the ends of the Earth & partner with the stars.
Only to catch up to Neptune & land on his heart.
He shines, with the Moon.
No need for high beams.


Saturday, June 11, 2011

Here's to you!!


Here's to you kid!

Here's to you, embryo of the drunken mother & smoked out father.

Here's to you, seed conceived in this world left ignorant to its gifts.

Here's to you, for being birthed to begin life as a slave to Earth.
Not even born yet but just know, you will be in this struggle.

Here's to you, growing stronger & weaker in your survival tunnel of a bruised & beaten mother of domestic violence.

Here's to your 5 fingers & 5 toes on each hand & foot, like the older siblings not taught how to write.

Here's to your developing brain & the father who dropped out to bang in the streets & sell cocaine.

Here's to you, your eyes; may they get to see the light of day.
In the darkness of your mothers womb.
A hostage to her heart & his fist.

Here's to you, not knowing how to pray but there are angels for you.
Protecting you against your life.
Born into a world of ignorance.
Some call it hell.

So here's to you kid,
May you bring a new justice & understanding to the life that came before your time.

Before you were even born.



Always Kiss Me Goodnight


Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the shattered glass of our dreams collapse to the floor.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Before the world decides to take advantage of the love we offer.

Kiss me....... Secure & tight.
Hold me........ Secure & tight.

Remember to always kiss me goodnight.
Before time calls us to oldened age.

Always kiss me goodnight,
Like the last blow of the heavyweight fight.
Every night.
Boxers in the Ring of Love,
We fight.

Never serious, just playmates in the sheets. We retreat.

Before sliding into space of our dreams.. The words of love always redeem.

Always kiss me goodnight.


i love you



The one I love :-)

Yep, deep down in my heart.
I've fallen into a trap.

Love Spells Of Time.

Just You.

Heart, mind, body & soul,
I have your spirit.

I look, I listen, I feel, I crave, I miss........ YOU!



Thursday, June 9, 2011

The World is Collapsing


The world is collapsing.
The world is fallen.
Burning like the deepest Hell.
Ears of every single person here.
Our societies & homes.
No substance. NO STRUCTURE.
This is the fallen glass of the shattered window.
We are bleeding.
Cut by dirty pieces of glass.
We are diseased.
Unhealthy & uncared for.
We are the cause watching the effect.
Slow Motion. SLOW DEATHS.
No fresh wind. No breath.
The world is collapsing.




April 7 2011 8:50am

I want to express this feeling. I can't be helped without the question of money being present. Its not a sign, its just a calling. Call to the wild. Call to my spirits. Unsettled time elapses in my mind. Like unfinished sex in a room full of vultures. All watching & waiting to see what I will do next so they can have a chance to quench on my flesh. Angry & frustrated. Flustered, but I hold steady. Like the strength on a woman. Performing Kegels & holding his instrument of ecstasy inside her. He is already strong but she makes him stronger. I am the vagina & the penis. I engulf my insides & outsides to hold me high in honesty. Honestly I'm trying, had tried long & hard....... To push through openings befitting & unfit for me. Most times unasked, I have raped this society & gave it my unborn children, in my own culture, views, & talents. Like the man having no life destination, I throw the condom away & give this world all that I have, from the womb, my Queenly essentials. Pure creativity expanded in my spirit. I paint the lines of my emotions. Stroking lines of life onto many canvases! Sex for my soul comes closer & grows a deep tingling feeling inside my body. Touches my fingers like a cool breeze on the hots of 99 degrees in the summer. I quiver & the power exudes through me. Pouring an inebriated orgasm that couldn't be contained. I came on this planet.

-SpaceMartian QSS.

Ode to the Skies (1st flight)


Cosmic shaded of your clouds escape into my eyes as the bird ascends its wings.
Elevated above a force of gravity where "FREE" in the home domain.
An alleviated feeling to exhale the world below & take on the wonders of the clouds.
A wonderland of sentiment & powdered sugared precipitation.
Pillowed clouds evolve into my dreams like the last imaginary sleep of my childhood.
I am home again.
Living in the freedom of an escaped world in the sky.
You are the source extended closeR to my planet.
Popping eardrums & illuminated visions of blue hues, white lights & bumpy turbulence.
Different shapes & densities of formulated clouds inside & above the atmosphere.
Stratosphere surrendering my soul.
I want to stay here.
A bird in your skies.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vanilla Twilight

He keeps me in the Vanilla Twilight. Cascading thRough the galaxy of invisible imagination.
We're scooping our love out like the last beans of roasted vanilla.
Trying to start over & replenish the lost words from the lost world of our emotions. A distance that holds a aura of love out, in the palm of my hand.
I close my eyes to see the darkness in his light. The elements of the sun whose heat has melted my heart.

Heard his vibrations in the winds of my waves.
Something about Reciting into my eyelids so the words disperse into my pores. Pouring honey filled drops of love unto my heart.
Tasteful twilights.

-QSS. Neptunes Martian.