Monday, April 19, 2010

Truth Speak.....Date unknown

I leave understanding to every time I scratch my head, my brain wants to be felt; to be heard.

Sometimes I choose not to talk because words seem to get forgotten in the selective ears.
I understand what faults hold but I wont always says its mine and I don't choose to blame you.

No typing as I stay secluded but still try to catch my words as my mind spills them out.
If only my hands were fast enough.
I'm leaving some misunderstood feelings at the doorstep because he says he doesn't know anymore.
Letting his expression feed all over the Internet for the Blue Birds call.
I hold to the sun and watch my locks transform the golds, orange, and browns of my roots to tip.
Glasses off. No money, no phone, no ID, just me. Pencils paper and sketchpad to relay anything I feel.
I dont know what time it is but the weather reports sunshine and breeze of between 65-72 degrees.
Trying to get away, not for escape but for reasoning.
I need the thoughts to roll in but Im stuck on this foundation of landscape.
He feels silence surrounds this morning because he started off negatively from the night before.
Our differences are breaking us. Im not communicating to the world of whats wrong in my relationship because its not the worlds business.
What he feels is TOO important, is not really that important to me. Neither of our ways are going to work at once.
How do we fix it?
The things he thinks about are like shockwaves to me because I dont think so deeply about them.
No one ever really agrees on everything in life, and definitely not in relationships.
If I feel one way, just let me feel that way, and you feel your way.
I dont always have to speak on things being WRONG because I've grown dealing with so much, that silence helps me erase the drama.
Never saying that I dont care but sometimes shouldnt matter as much as people make them out to be...So BIG of a deal.

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