Monday, April 19, 2010

Forgetting the Expression

Sometimes we forget our meaning.

Meanings of life & why we are here.

Here to love & live in the moments that is given to us.

Moments that carry trials & tribulations that could sometimes mean error in our ways.

Errors dont always mean wrong & wrong doesnt always have to be fixed.

If trying to fix everything were possible then we would be in a perfect world.

This world wasnt made to be perfect. We arent perfect beings. Born by sin.

If forgiven for our sins, we are made whole again.

I'd rather be broken.

Left shattered & unfixed, imperfect & not proper.

Not a proper human to leave judgment on someone else & forget the own blame of yourself.

What's fair is fair, or left unfair, but dont leave the blame to the world if you cant learn to be the cause.

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