Friday, April 23, 2010

Days like today...

Listening to Window seat.. Ms. Badu... My Earthly Idol

Words of wisdom always encounter my mind and embrace my spirit.

Following my dreams and supporting my goals are like feeding my stomach and nurturing my bodily systems.

Universal Donor Is my blood, Constant calls from Red Cross make me feel the importance of life. What one persons life can do to save more than many! Posted on my license speaks Organ Donor.

I'll give back when my life is over and done. No problem.

Badu: "I have some food for you!" "Food that you eat?" "No, food for thought!"

Just coming off the top of my head and expressing a lesson of the day.

Sittin still keeps you stagnant. Even on days off we can build and restore past misfourtunes.
Dont let your soul and success rest while your mind wanders and wonders.

How complain of no progress when you arent pushing your success... I Digress!
What are you doin for your life? or are you just living it?!? Think...

I set accomplishments to fulfill as future goals recieved. Same synonym but formed deeper to achieve the meaning. This is my life. My motivation.
Do you want to know?!? Dont guess. Just ask..... Me!

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