Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Music to my ears

06/04/11 (1:05am)

I hear the jingle jangle of your keys at the door.
Building a sensation in my bones to move.
Running to the door with my tiptoes on, like the pitter patter of children.
Mouth inhale & exhales the wind of the outside world.
Quiet storm.
Raging inside like a lion ready to roar.
On the prowl.
I am the animal, you my prey.
Listening to the shift of the lock to be undone.
I hear you breathe.
Smooth, jazzy sounds of a saxophone that your soul brings through the hinges.
I wait, I listen, I reminisce. "On the love we had"
Opening of the door brings in outside noises of today's hip hop & rap.
The ignorant joys of today's society.
I step back, disturbed, but turn to look at your body & soul of r&b, neo-soul, jazz instruments & harmonious oldies of the 60s through 80s.
Like spoken word, your feet walking towards me relay the poetry voiced over the live band of your heart.
I hear the mellow yearning tone of piano keys playing in each blink of your eyes.
A song without words that describe what each pulsating beat of your life will deliver to me.
A deep, passionate kiss.
And that.....
Is music to my ears.


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