Thursday, July 28, 2011

Looking At This Cloud PT. 1 & 2


Upon the skies. These shades of soft blues create bolder hues in my mind! Between white feathered clouds and faded yellows, sets the mood for a calm sunset. Big beautiful magnolia trees create a reflection in the sky. Different directions of the earth and there's a whole different stage to the world above us. Like Gods' flashlight still enforcing a ray of hope down to his children. His gift to give us sight to breathe in his air among the wind. I see blue ripples like dyed fingerwaves of Mother Nature. Scattered clouds filled with precipitation & life............... Tbc......


Sitting outside. Watching the clouds on this front porch of life. Wooden to the core, like the nature of my roots. I'm trying to find peace. I close my eyes and take in this joy. Sounds of birds chirping in trees, reminds me of laughter when children are being tickled by their parents. A playful essence of what wildlife can bring. Huge trees embrace the land as protectors of the world. It is the Earth that carries me while I'm here. Crickets rubbing legs together like the chatter of old women gossiping at brunch. They hold the stories of our ancestors, unforgettable and outspoken. Gaze beyond the distance into space, into another dimension. But it is the clouds that stop me. They appear as barriers so that I can not peek past this atmosphere. This life rings music to my ears. Only the blues, the sound of the clouds. Different shapes hold different tones and melodies to distract me. I can't read the music, but I can see it, can hear it, but can't feel it. Though as I look at the white pillows laid sporadically between the blues in effervescence, I dream of tasting the moisture inside their bodies. They are the waters best element. A beautiful process of condensation in the stratosphere. I have no fear.


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