Saturday, August 28, 2010

Solar Eclipse***

Even when the sun drops and the Earth aligns its stars with the moon, you were still seen.

In my eyes, on my Planet.

Now you've fallen like death on Darkness Falls.

Darkened days encounter the space and take over where I held you a little bit closer.

Squeezed you a little bit tighter like the roots of flowers underneath the Earth.

Wanting to have the buds all to themselves as I did so that no one could share your beauty.

But the mixture between natural light and water makes all flowers grow.

Must have the urge to share your beautiful hues with the world!

So until night falls, the stars duties are on call.

Waiting for the Sun to set, and cross paths with the Moon.

Where his light is diminished and blackened for minutes at a time to Space and the Earth.


Like having something taken from you, just so you can see the power and message that that item had brought into your world when its not there anymore.

Then maybe you can get it back.

As minutes pass the darkness fades and your light may be shone again.

And yet again, everyone has been amazed at the vision & experience that the Moon can do to the Sun at a certain point and time that the Earth orbits.

But what had the darkness shown you?

-QueenSoulSista SpaceyM... Neptune's Pisces.


  1. I have not taken that into much consideration as of lately. I haven't performed anything either. I've been below sea level.