Monday, August 23, 2010

I Am not Torn!

July 28, 10

I am caught up between an Outer Place called Space;
And the life of normality that some call Earth.
This is a blissful place full of lust & love.
Easy to distinguish from a heart that knows & have experienced both in her own eyes.

I am not stuck, I am not torn.
Unlike fashion, I am not worn.
I feel renewed, reborn.

One glance & smiles fill my face with his love.
Like hugs from afar, I can still feel his presence.
Like art, he is my muse, my painting brush; my created essence.

He knows how to joke around with my heart.
A feeling that couldn't quite be expressed by words, so I endure this art.

I am never fearful of his love,
Never afraid to embrace what he has to share.
Never a price to pay. His heart is a priceless gift.
I encourage his love. His heart.

We are developed, created & adorned.
And from his heart & love. I am not worn.



  1. I love the change in tone from your last few... almost like I'm witnessing the healing process