Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just A Thought.... Gnarls Barkley inspired

Aug 10, 2010

Sitting back on this lounge chair of life.
Supposed to be relaxed but it feels more like a bed of nails.
Thin as needles and just as painful.
Though I am not bleeding, I feel like my soul is pouring out.
Moisture of tears.
Sliding down my face like water from a shower. Flowing in massive amounts, they refuse to stop like waterfalls.
I have fallen.
Not dropped to my ass but my knees have so become bloody and ashy.
There was no one to catch me.
No open arms and open hearts to gather my tears.
I'm in a great depression within myself.
Between broken spirit, swollen heart, dry eyes, restless body, aching mind.
Unable to sit still, I wonder when my time in life will slow down.
Maybe I have fallen to Earth's unimaginable timing.
Of all the space that I have, I now feel completely alone & I don't like the company.
I prefer something more like invited space where he can be encountered.
I can go on & on & on, but who cares?
I wish you were here.
Attacking this sorrow and building miniature smiles that I couldn't perform in myself.
If there was something in you that I couldn't see, maybe that secret could make some happiness for me.
Listen to my life, take my cries as calls for the surrendering fight from battle.
You be my hero, be my warrior, my savior.
Take me away and let us run far.
Off into another state, another land where we aren't known.
Start something new and take life as our own.
I want to see that for us.
A future.
Yet, right now I'm just stuck.
Living in my pain and sorrows.
Only seeing a dream with no dejavu.
Just A Thought.


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  1. I know about great depressions. I enjoy reading your work. Thank you for sharing.