Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Suns' Obsession 11/22/10

Watching the clouds overpass the sun/ a calm that morning dew sprinkles over daylight/ cognitive thinking for revolutions/ building a strength that the Earth couldn't hold/ inside my palms/capture a planet of green/ circular motion and motives/ we go round/ playing teether ball with the galaxy/ Neptune farthest away from being hit/ never captured/ never invaded/ unless invited inside my waters/ my planet/ he hurt me/ went for a swim/ left the river running dry/ carried back to his lions den/ she suffocates in the heat/ no water/ no wind/ no spirit/ no element/ like the last days of 2012/ the world stops/ no circulation/ last days/ last ways/ no evolution left to exist/ she breathes/ taking last breath for him/ and he steals it/ with greed and gluttony/ she is his element of lust/ little actual love in his heart/ he is a lion/ a king of pride/ where humility subsides/ is just a adjective/ no verb to build on the action/ not complete...... -#QSS

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