Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Goal!

Thursday at 6:36pm

..... So much pain, so much suffering. Where light can't seem to oversee what demons come in the dark! No angels to guide and protect! A heart so hurt.
Fighting for reason and understand! Where is the support? Where is the love?...
On mission where she can't reach! The lessons she once taught aren't coming clear to her sight anymore! No more teach. So she heads to her sanctuary to listen to her heart preach!...
You don't know nothing! No love in front to grip her souls desire! Where does she turn to? Who?!?
Seeking self image in the mirror but the reflection is empty! Unable to find the spirit that other eyes see. She doesn't feel there....doesn't feel... Alive!
She knows what she wants but the world can not deliver it to her. So fighting beyond strength to capture what is best, breaking barriers and boundaries while swimming rivers over.
Pisces made creative to create and piece the love together no matter what is there to hold them back! Abstract and concrete, true to our word! Sacrificing experience, life & love over success & money to stack.
We are one in the same, yet different in vision we still see the forces illuminated through our sky. The realm where we excel, there isn't a gravity to keep our spirits tame!
Going out of her way, a voyage that adventure has more obstacles to build up her strength! To figure out and see what light will shine against another's heart. What will define the image of lines spread to letters and forming the piece of art.
Why be so serious? Its her hearts feelings that wants to embrace a soul! Into that spirit miles away untold. So seriously she takes her feelings and spills them out bold! If it is seen, it is captured... The Goal!

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