Monday, July 26, 2010

Artistic Love


If I was looking into your eyes, I would make time stop so I could keep the everlasting image of life into your soul.

The real views of all possibilities made to bring truth forward. Something that Earth can't recycle because your vision is clear. Pure.

Insight to my heart from the matter in my brain says that you matter. You who are here now more than ever could speak to my watches hands.

Those touching closely to you. Rubbing expressions & emotions inside your brain through the deepness of your roots. From scalp to nerves.

The nervous system that speeds up when you are in unison with my physical & mental realm. Calling forth unrealistic verbs made attainable by two.

If I was looking into your eyes, my sight would be clearer, days made brighter as your words became my heart beats. Collectively bringing life into my soul. We become one in two rhymatic vocal bursts of artistic love.

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