Monday, July 26, 2010

Say You Will


As the sun illuminates the dark, her vision becomes more clear.
There are no good landing ships on this journey back to her home land.
So clear is her mind & bright are her eyes, where sight is the shifted gear.
No glare from mirrors or flashing lights, no angels needed for a guided hand.

He is here, the savings in her piggy bank of loves.
Fighting the war that her past lovers & leavers left raging in her heart.
She is cold, freezing deep like the ice in your blood from too thin gloves.
An element that Earth did not conduct to be more than deaths worthy part.

Into her eyes, he speaks deep with his actions of expression.
Not a word said but his hands guided her closer into the lecture that his eyes read.
Deeper & deeper, she gains a feeling, once unknown, now gathered the reflection.
Views into his eyes, a soul is felt, read, & the recipe baked by words, she is fed.

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