Monday, July 26, 2010

When I See You


When I see you, I see a vision of effervescent light that shines from Gods prayers.
Into my heart, your smile collides & corrodes the circumference of my arteries.
The way we see each other, like peeling back the Earths core to embed our love in the layers.
Burning down the walls that couldn't keep Berlin inside of Hells' slaveries.

When I see you, I want to be set free, into the arms of life where breathing isn't required.
Like drinking from the liquor of your love but there is no age limit to set standard of your love intoxication.
Taking shots to gather the numb feeling that your essence captures to my lips & blood flow, heated & fired.
Deep burning, sensual vibrations that surface through my body by one touch from your hands into my heart.

Turning on the imagery, when I see you, pictures of cherubs catching arrows to hearts & making fiction reality in our storybook of love.
Once told to the ears of open hearts that minds can't tell sight to overlook the message we share within the part.
Lessons, into chapters, into parts, into sequels, played out by art.

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