Monday, July 26, 2010

Its Amazing!


Its amazing.
How you enter someones world & completely change their aspects on views of the world.
Like how one second, he's there, but you've walked forward & filled thoughts of me being your girl.

Its amazing how this light, fills me with warmth, & tingles my blood to splatter my veins.
Its amazing that my views have been filled too deep; with your passion & love, for expressions & freedom of laughter.
I see you, we glance, we smile.
Two artists quarrel between making laughter a recipe for progression into one anothers hearts.

Deep into your membrane I read passages of excellence, pain, strength, & trials.
You make this endeavor the journey on the path to nowhere.
Our planets where Earthlings aren't allowed, but I invite you to Neptune. To share my world of eclectic, artistic passion & happiness.
Where CARE means Creatively Assessing Realistic Expressions.
And I want to read into your core.

Amazingly Creating the Bass in depth of Love & Art.
Banging on the Canvas' drum, pressing your keys.

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