Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Withered Waters

Eyes as red as the sea.
Either dried out from air or drowned from water.
Tears fallen.
She is displaying her emotions as they get ignored.
Thrown to fire she is burned to death like cremation.
No smoke involved.
Just throw the flames to her heart and watch her scream.
It isn't loud but I know you see her death rising.
Ashes encompass the clouds but she still invites the sun to enter.
No warmth to a cold heart of morbidity.
Discouraged and dismissed.
She is fed to the werewolves of her soul.
Eating at her emotions and licking her blood for thirst.
Not cleaning the wounds, they devour her essence.
Left with brittle bones and shattered life.
Scarred and naked for the world to see.
She cries out but the world falls to selective hearing.
Encouraged by smiles, they choose not to see her tears.
Covered ears to ignore her cries.
They walk past her broken spirit and kick it just by saying nothing.
To a broken heart that opens to all others.
She gets abandoned when it is she left to cry out.

"Cover your heart, cover your emotions. No friend is a real friend unless they can take the time out for you as you rightfully do for them." -QSS

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