Saturday, May 8, 2010

Listen In... The Team Takeova -"We Out Chea"

If I know one thing.... Its to always remember where I was born and raised, No matter where I reside now. Life takes changes but we do what we have to, to get famous and Not be nameless. We all know Im one to always show love and support for those who love and support the art and passion of others. We are who we are, artists on this place we call Earth.... For I am still a Martian. Peace this. Music from some Bmore natives that I lend ear to! And you better click and listen, Because I said so and I love the song! -QSS

zSHARE - The Team Takeova _CR Da Show_ Sage Bravo _ Mr. Valentine_ - We Out Chea _Prod. By DK The Punisher_.mp3

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