Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Serious Inquiries Only!

What good is business to a serious owner, artist, designer, producer, musician, photographer, etc., if he/she doesnt have serious customers?

I feel that any business can have success professionally, but building a relationship among the consumer isnt always the easiest thing. Every corporation, big or small, independent or worldwide, must have some kind of relationship that is strong enough to build clientele and having those people coming back and giving reference to your name...
But what happens when you have those people that claim to be reliable customers, and always want something from you, but down the road you find out that you cant depend on them.
As a artist and designer to a custom clothing line Art De' Vol... its much harder to keep those "serious inquiries" because my work isnt done in mass production...I always get the comments.."Ooo, make me an outfit!" "I want you to make me a dress!" "Can you fix these pants for me?" I always say, "Ok, let me know when your ready & serious.", and I leave it at that. I know if someone is serious,  they would constantly speak up about what they want. So when I got a order to do a series of 4 paintings, and had to send them out of state to a "close" friend, I try to be nice and give him time to get his money in order....but dont constantly give me excuses abt why you havent put the money in the account yet. Therefore, after 3 trials, and 5 excuses later... he gets ignored, I already have a reliable customer that wanted one of his paintings and am in the process of reselling the piece. I dont do my art just for fun. I make a living from the gifts that I was born with and have practice over 16 yrs for. I dont mind doing what I have to do to get my own success. And that doesnt mean that anyone is going to play with my skill, my mind, my money, or my future.

All clientele is an important piece to any business. Good designers, artists and photographers keep good models; clean clothing and grocery stores keep good paying customers; good producers, djs, and labels keep good artists, and that artist keeps fans and listeners. Sometimes the customers dont understand how hard businesses work to be successful, because we are working for the customer to please and make them happy, but sometimes we get no respect back and are taken for granted.

Where do you take your stand?

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