Tuesday, February 23, 2010

BonaFide Love Hustle

Friday, February 12, 2010 at 10:42am
Main Entry: bo·na fide

Function: adjective

Etymology: Latin, literally, in good faith

Date: 1632

1 : made in good faith without fraud or deceit

2 : made with earnest intent : sincere

3 : neither specious nor counterfeit : genuine

synonyms see :



Deep connection as the definition/ a definite decision to deal with all obstacles/ together in spirits & emotions/ emotionally connected as the physical, mental, sensual factors/ facilitated in minds/ as hearts read to brains/ raining down the life & joy that two can share/ sharing every fact & moment together/ to get her attention he snuck up/ danced up on her backside/ no back drive to reverse that day to present time/ presented time made just to be with her presences/ no presents needed to be a gift in her eyes/ no more I in this team/ Teammates of the struggle, joy, stress, happiness, pain, positives & negatives/ negativity isnt positive to them/ Fighting against the world/ making this life their own/ owning up to the hardwork/ what it takes to make it work/ working apart & together as 2 of 1/ Shared survival to call as expenses/ nothing too expensive as their love/ Fought to have & hold/ Fists held as high as their thoughts & prayers can evolve/ built new evolution off & on this world/ His World & My Planet/ Playing in our Universal Love Constellation/ connecting what separate hearts needed as 1 star/ You do for Me/ I do for You/ Not a verbal or written agreement but an exchanged Hearts assignment/ For Life/ No Life as a Single anymore/ Not strength of 1 heart/ This is our Fight/ Determined to Share/ Explore/ Educate/ Expand/ Evolve/ Grow Together/ Only Us/...

"Fight for what makes your Life feel Love. That is Right. Through Trials & Tribulations, that Love will always be there, beyond the Celebration. By Your side, Loving You." ~QSS.

His BonaFide Hustler.

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