Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Morning Constellation

Friday, December 11, 2009 at 9:36am

Freedom week again... Pushing the end of year Art Grunge Grind.

*The Attitude is exposed for exposure/always opening new no room for no closure/the morning mission/all time to improve the condition/over compulsive disorder/paintbrushes laid in a particular order/24 to count but only 1 brush to paint the picture/mane of the lion breeds strength in the structure/no school needed to perfect my skill/been a artist since birth & thats real/where conceit confronts confidence/space real invades my conscience/superfly we fly so high/Star Brother Stars & I/all room on Earth to invade/Space Martians gathered hearts we see to save/H.I.P.S like O.P.P but we're giving back/Helping Imaginations Produce Success/the 3rd bible tht the dictionary couldnt protest/FREE...No gravity/No barriers/No boundaries/Just the accessories/Matters of the galactic force that feeds us/Freely expressing the life art not to combust/no room for combat/no means for violence act/activist of art/meditation move to my heart/new formed shape for endeavors to arise/Levitating lows to compensate the neverending highs/looked mirror to reflection of these eyes/made glossy to no refraction/concave nor convex added to subtraction/apply the knowledge/develop the skill/order the entree/devour the meal/no tickets to look who pays the bill/Always free/food for thought/run the Earth/take over minds/Always room for improvement when theres space & no time/Morning morning run errands for mission/Afternoon adventures carry the sight produced at sunrise vision/rest in nightfall for Nightly negotiations to converse back to planet HOME where the Invasion blueprint was laid/Stars were made/Deep hearts Displayed/Peace...
Our Day of Forever.

~Star 2 QSS.. The Art Whisperer. Ssshhhh. Lol.

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