Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What do you EXPECT from me?!?

Food, Water, Fire, Power... more elements than the particles of Earth and Wind can percieve in me. I type with one hand as I use one brain, one heart, one mind, to deliver what I have to say. So the multi-answered question up for discussion is...

What do you EXPECT from me?

What do too many people expect from me...

I always think in my own silence. "I wonder why so many people always want so much from me and arent doing anything to help ME!?" Many people have their own expectations and wannabe requirements from me and quote on as "asking" for me to do this and do that for them. Maybe in my self-righteous, unselfish mind, I am too kind. I never really get enough implemented tasks that I really have to turn someone away. Visions flock and dreams appear in sight and mind that I really notice myself being taken advantage. Maybe I have the most talents than others close to me, and I tend to do more for them than I should. OK, Yes its helping me perfect my craft and talents but not assisting me as financially as should, at all!

Lets not front; Family always expects discounts, as do close/best friends... but what good is that doing for the one putting in work?

Mind over matter says the same as matter. Dont be used, and dont gain the feeling of being used. So do for yourself and treat everyone equally. Theres not so much that family does financially to support me but say a few words of encouragement. Those words that I already speak to myself. But when you see others splurge and buy out the world, and you're left struggling just to get by; because you let them "Slide"... does that make you weak or unresponsive to your own responsibilities to pay your own bills. Even as you're being watched, seen strugglin, known for hustlin to make your next dollar.> Why does that not phase them?

Conclusion gains in resolution.

When I put forth that notion, "I have to do for me!" and Build on my independence and plans to evolve and gain my business properly... Does that put animosity into the eyes of those closest to you because you are trying to make it on your own and cant give free handouts to everyone because you need to get by and need their support? or does the laws break in the rule book that says "Family always gets discounted!" and they accept the terms of "It's only Business!"

Shit, Im trying to make money just like the rest of the world. So, what do you expect from me?!?!?!?

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