Monday, September 3, 2012

Endless Realisms

* I closed my eyes and a poem appeared, but I couldn’t read it in the dark. Something raw just spoke in my mind and all the other voices tried to overshadow what it was saying to me. Just because I speak of the sensitivities of my clitoris aloud to myself & you, does not mean the caress of your tongue can soothe between my pants, what blowing does for extremely hot foods. Yet, you blow my mind with your arrogance & egotistical explanations of “I am listening but I don’t hear you because my own mind already has 10 million voices that are more important than you.”. I could shoot my brains out & hope the grey matter splatters on the floor & walls just so you can see & read more clearly into exactly what I know & think, because telling you has no purpose when I serve it on a platter. Make you piece together all the peace I ever felt & see if your puzzle of me comes back to the same way you last thought of who I was supposed to be & how u were supposed to “know” me. Maybe you can grab your mallet and crack my legs wide open like a hot seafood platter & see if you can taste the juicy, meaty goodness inside, because this outside shell is my only barrier for protection from pain & vulnerability. You could probably kiss the lips of my pussy & see if that makes me any more of a woman because when it comes from the lips of my mouth, the words has less of a meaning to where the impact should be spoken & respected. Why lay down & listen to the rain, when I can go out in it with my umbrella but hold it to my side & let the moisture pour from my legs of a everlasting waterfall & shower of what nature intended to be the most prized element next to Holy Water. A woman’s virtue is written in Proverbs 31. These are our rules to be what we are. Yet a man’s responsibility is supposed to be enough example & encouragement for us to even consider following the path laid for us.. There is no plan to engulf & consider for love & my life. I don’t have a ticking bomb wrapped on my wrist because my Gods did not CREATE TIME! ”T”hey “I”nvented “M”emories “E”ndless to what we once read & believed, but now are corrupted by todays laws that the 3 Wise men, Jesus & his 12 Disciples, Moses & Noah had NOT formed guidance from. Our people are dead. Causes they died for & these past 6 generations have been killed endlessly for. There is no end to evolution but this revolution has seized the efforts of hope for the futures relived imaginations. In which, I will not birth from my vaginal walls, a slave of this or the next generation. I will keep birthing a spoiled child inside my soul & my youth & watch it grow inside my hopes, dreams, adventures & reality. Creating a legacy that X&Y chromosomes could not pair together because My Creator was not a scientific, researched & experimented project. -QSS 9/4/12

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