Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ode to the Skies (1st flight)


Cosmic shaded of your clouds escape into my eyes as the bird ascends its wings.
Elevated above a force of gravity where "FREE" in the home domain.
An alleviated feeling to exhale the world below & take on the wonders of the clouds.
A wonderland of sentiment & powdered sugared precipitation.
Pillowed clouds evolve into my dreams like the last imaginary sleep of my childhood.
I am home again.
Living in the freedom of an escaped world in the sky.
You are the source extended closeR to my planet.
Popping eardrums & illuminated visions of blue hues, white lights & bumpy turbulence.
Different shapes & densities of formulated clouds inside & above the atmosphere.
Stratosphere surrendering my soul.
I want to stay here.
A bird in your skies.


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