Wednesday, February 24, 2010

21 in Age, 25 in Mentality...

SOoooo, Today is my birthday. 21st birthday. That, my age, is something many people dnt really know from me because I dont act as a 21 year old.

21. My age and physical appearance speaks the beauty of  a young woman. I still get the looks from others that I am around 17, sometimes even 16 lol. Its quite humorous. I love the mystery of my Beauty. Definitely refined and embraced. With much refusal to act the age of other members of the 21st realm of immaturity and still growth that is needed. I am already there, doing more at my age than most people can say even in their later years. Grown.

25. The SOUL of My Life.... Most people perceive me as the spirit of a 24 or older female. This is true and I accept within myself because I carry myself in such a way of having maturity and intellect, that being 21 doesnt fit into my mentality. Many understand me by having an OLD soul. Respectful, intellectual, responsible, mindful, educated, talented, motivating and determined to being successful.
I was once told by a 40yr old business friend my mine, that I speak more eloquently and educated than his wife does. And that my spirit carries well into further years of my existence. That I would be his if I were of age to his year. It was a shocking, hilarious, but interesting set of words to hear. I did embrace that and thanked him.
Hmm, 25... I am a QUEEN!!!! This is my metaphysical, effervescent birth right... maybe older.. : ) all by Spirit, I have grown to accept and give love, show respect, embrace faults and flaws, to be responsible, to listen, teach, be supportive, stand talk, speak up for myself, never hide anything, express my talents and arts, and do what is right for myself to continuously be the strong colorful woman that I have grown to be. Mostly taught by self.

I have found me...Beyond my Years. Beautiful. With Life.

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